Hot Shot’s Secret 100 % Synthetic Green Diamond Engine Oil – Official Maintenance Package for Mahindra ROXOR Vehicles

Mt Gilead, OH, (October 23, 2018)… Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret performance additives and oils, is pleased to announce that Mahindra ROXOR off-road vehicles (Classic, LE and SE) sold in North America will now include Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond Engine Oil synthetic diesel engine oil as part of the maintenance package available at ROXOR dealers.

Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond 5W-40 synthetic engine oil is a 100% pure synthetic engine oil using only Group III base oils that is ideally suited for ROXOR’s 4 cylinder, turbo diesel engines. Green Diamond is infused with patented FR3 Nano-technology and a CK-4 blended detergent additive package that provides exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, and prevention of deposits and oil breakdown. The result is reduced engine wear, improved fuel economy and horsepower and reduced oil consumption and drain intervals. ROXOR chose Lubrication Specialties Inc. to supply the oil for their branded oil change kits due to the superior product, as well as the flexibility that LSI has to meet the specific needs of ROXOR.

Lubrication Specialties Inc. Director of Marketing, Kyle Fischer, says, “We are very excited to make this announcement. Mahindra is a trusted brand with a long history of developing quality off-road vehicles and tractors. By sharing our test results and working with the managers at ROXOR, we were able to prove conclusively that Green Diamond is superior for the demands of off-road. The ROXOR, like the Jeep, is a vehicle that has this incredible history proving its mettle during war, but evolves with cutting edge innovation. They have great brand recognition, so clinching this deal and endorsement with Mahindra is a huge step for Hot Shot’s Secret engine oil in a very crowded and competitive market.”

Green Diamond Engine Oil is available nationwide at independent Hot Shot’s Secret dealers and online at

World Record!

Congratulations Firepunk Diesel on a World Record!

Lubrication Specialties Inc., manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret and sponsor of the Firepunk Diesel race team, congratulates Lavon Miller and his entire team on their record-breaking 1/8th mile at the Hardway Performance Sunshine Showdown this weekend at the sixth stop of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series in Florida.

The Firepunk Diesel/Save the Racks Chevrolet S-10 driven by Larson Miller had an epic day at the track. In the first round of eliminations, and even with problems keeping the truck tracking straight, Miller tied Ryan Milliken’s record of fastest diesel-powered door car in history at 4.554 and a 3.04 half-track time. After the pass, the Firepunk team began working furiously to resolve the tracking problem, which turned out to be a broken suspension component finally fixed just in time for the final round.

Miller and his Firepunk Diesel/Save the Racks S-10 rode a rail all the way down to the finish line to break the world record at an amazing 4.47 at 167 miles per hour. Lavon Miller, owner of Firepunk Diesel and three-time Ultimate Callout Challenge winner shared, “I am so proud of the entire Firepunk Diesel team right now. This build has been a fight, but we are finally going straight and breaking records. This 4.47 at 167 mph in the 1/8th makes us the fastest diesel door car on the planet.”

Hot Shot’s Secret has sponsored Lavon Miller for over a year and recently announced sponsorship of the entire Firepunk Diesel team. Kyle Fischer, director of marketing for Hot Shot’s Secret said, “For the better part of a year, we have had the most amazing opportunities to work with Lavon and the Firepunk Diesel team to test Hot Shot’s Secret products and conduct deep R&D on the dyno and track. It’s been such an honor to work with their team as they built and dialed in this world-record truck. They are the hardest working guys in the business. “

“As a multi-year champion Lavon has a reputation to uphold,” continued Fisher “ and we knew if our products did not make the grade he would use another brand of oil. That he’s racing, winning time after time and breaking records with our Adrenaline race oil is a testament to the brand’s quality. In fact, the World’s Fastest Diesel in the 1/8 mile is by Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored driver Wade Moody while using Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil. He went 4.11 seconds at 179 miles per hour. Very heady stuff indeed.”

Firepunk Diesel Ultimate Callout Challenge Win in Indianapolis

Hot Shot’s Secret Expands Race Sponsorship – Adds Full Firepunk Diesel Drag Racing Team to Growing Roster

Lubrication Specialties Inc., manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil and high performance fuel and oil additives, proudly announces sponsorship of the full Firepunk Diesel Race Team. The team is one of the top race teams in diesel drag racing competition including the NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series and the Outlaw Diesel Super Series. Prior to August, Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel, widely known for his three consecutive wins in the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

Now, in addition to sponsoring Lavon Miller, Hot Shot’s Secret is sponsoring the entire Firepunk Diesel Race Team. Three of these team members won their classes at a recent Outlaw Diesel Super Series event, the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, in E.T. Bracket and 7.70 Index (Landon Miller), 5.9 Index (Rick Fox) and Pro Mod (Larson Miller) using Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil. Other racers sponsored by Hot Shot’s Secret also using Adrenaline Racing Oil that won include Art Maupin (6.70 Index) and Wade Moody (Pro Dragster). Since the new sponsorship agreement with Firepunk Diesel was made in August, six of seven classes were won at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza by drivers using Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil.

Pro Dragster – Wade Moody

Pro Mod – Larson Miller (Firepunk Diesel)

5.90 Index – Rick Fox (Firepunk Diesel)

6.70 Index – Art Maupin

7.70 Index – Landon Miller (Firepunk Diesel)

ET Bracket – Landon Miller (Firepunk Diesel)

Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Marketing, Kyle Fischer, says, “This is an exciting step for Hot Shot’s Secret to give our full support behind the entire Firepunk Diesel team. Lavon has been testing our products on the dyno and the track with great success this year, and the results have been shared with the team. With proven and unmistakable results, we have been growing the brand and our level of sponsorship. We believe in Lyn, Lavon and the entire Firepunk team and look forward to what can be accomplished for the remainder of the race season and next year.”

In addition to sponsorship of Firepunk Diesel, Hot Shot’s Secret sponsors Amalee Mueller and her Save the Racks truck. She competes in NHRDA’s Super Diesel drag racing class and is currently in second place in points in the NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series. Her family’s other Save the Racks branded truck is currently driven by Firepunk Diesel’s Larson Miller. For each pass made in either Mueller’s Save the Racks race trucks, Lubrication Specialties, Inc., parent company of Hot Shot’s Secret, donates $50, or provides a $250 bonus for finishing runner-up or a $500 bonus for a class victory at every NHRDA event.

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Hot Shot’s Secret Starts Support Your Local Track Initiative – Announces Sponsorship of Pacemakers Dragway Park

Support Local Track

Every state in the United States has its share of abandoned drag strips and race parks. In support of grassroots and sportsman style racing, Hot Shot’s Secret announces a Support Your Local Track initiative beginning with a 2018 sponsorship of Pacemakers Dragway Park. Hot Shot’s Secret, a brand of high performance fuel and oil additives manufactured by Lubrication Specialties Inc. in Mt. Gilead, OH, has recently increased its national level of support of motorsports racing announcing sponsorship for NHRDA’s Diesel Drag Racing Series, in addition to the Ultimate Callout Challenge, Northwest Dyno Circuit and the Outlaw Diesel Super Series.

This year, Hot Shot’s Secret will also locally sponsor for the first time a six event Cash Days Series hosted at Pacemakers Dragway Park in neighboring Mount Vernon, OH near Hot Shot’s Secret headquarters. Pacemakers is the second oldest continuously running NHRA sanctioned racetrack, dating back to 1956. In addition to traditional E.T. bracket programs, the dragway also hosts test and tune Grudge Gamblers races, high school events, Junior Dragster, Q32 events, as well as its Street Grudge, no time type events. Pacemakers Cash Days is considered by some to be the epitome of grudge racing in the Midwest and has exploded in popularity recently. These well attended events feature auto and motorcycle racing on an eighth mile length drag strip throughout the day and into the night.

Lubrication Specialties Inc. Director of Marketing, Kyle Fischer, says, “As important as it is for brand recognition and education to sponsor nationwide series events to reach core racing enthusiasts, to our company it is equally important to support our local racetrack to ensure that grassroots and sportsman level racing thrives. It is also a great way to connect with local racers for feedback and to test and further develop our products. This year, we are excited to launch our Support Your Local Track initiative and hope that other companies in the area and nationwide will follow suit with financial support of their local tracks so that we never have to see another abandoned drag strip.”

This year, in addition to sponsoring the six event Cash Days Series at Pacemakers, Hot Shot’s Secret is kicking off the season by hosting the annual Pacemakers Dragway Park Awards Banquet which will be held at the headquarters of Lubrication Specialties Inc. in Mt. Gilead, OH. Over 100 racers are expected to attend the event.


The Hot Shot’s Secret and NHRDA partnership continues

Big things are happening in the world of high performance diesel drag racing, and Hot Shot’s Secret is excited to continue its partnership with the National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA) for the upcoming 2018 and 2019 seasons. Many new lessons and opportunities have risen during the 2017 season, and will lead to exciting advancements for the entire industry.
Lubrication Specialties, Inc., the parent company of Hot Shot’s Secret, has revolutionized the industrial world of lubricating chemicals and has solved major problems for some of the world’s largest corporations. Continuing the company’s mission to develop the best possible formulas available to the end user, President and CEO Chris Gabrelcik is looking forward to what is next. “We have already learned so much about the high-performance industry and have so much respect for what these guys are able to accomplish” said Chris. “The next two years will be very exciting. We are not the type to sit back and watch things happen. You can expect us to be involved in what these guys work so hard for and do everything we can to continue to grow this great industry.”
The NHRDA is a diesel drag racing series held primarily across the Western half of the United States. The 2017 season consisted of 10 events beginning in March and running through the end of September. “Having a great company like Hot Shot’s Secret on board for next two seasons is great for the NHRDA. Our goal will be to work together to help build both the Hot Shot’s Secret brand and the NHRDA brand.” said NHRDA President Randy Cole. “Everyone at Hot Shot’s Secret is great to work with and they truly do have the best fuel additive out there. We look forward to having the NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series for the next two seasons.” The Hot Shot’s Secret team was in attendance for every event in 2017 and intends to continue its presence for the upcoming seasons. “There is no better way to truly understand the needs of these drivers than to communicate directly with them at the races. They know more about their engines than anyone and we appreciate all the knowledge they have shared with us throughout the year”, said Hot Shot’s Secret President Chris Gabrelcik.

With the knowledge gained from the 2017 season, Hot Shot’s Secret is preparing to roll out brand new product lines in 2018. The products are currently undergoing extensive third-party testing to ensure the formulas are more stable than the current industry leaders. “Don’t expect these new products to perform at the same level as others like it” said Hot Shot’s Secret Chemist Kevin Adams. “We won’t put the Hot Shot’s Secret logo on them until they are better than everything else on the shelf. That’s just the way we do things around here.”

Stiction Eliminator and Gasoline Engines

Hot Shot’s Secret STICTION ELIMINATOR has been saving diesel engines since 2004. Its ability to provide superior cleaning and boost lubrication properties of the host oil make it one of the only multipurpose additives available today. Over the years, this one-of-a-kind product has been reformulated in order to remain the best possible solution for removing the layers of stiction that robs engines of power and create excessive wear over time.

The most recent development to the STICTION ELIMINATOR formula has provided an opportunity to resolve issues related to high performance gasoline engines. Similar to diesels, constant friction and extreme temperatures inside these high performance engines will result in a burning effect of the oil causing a layer of oxidized oil and its additives to form over time. Although stiction is certainly an issue in high performance gas engines, oil consumption and turbo life also haunt the owners of these vehicles.

By using STICTION ELIMINATOR in a gasoline engine, users will have an immediate reduction in friction and start seeing the benefits of a clean engine within the first hundred miles. This advanced cleaning and friction reducing technology helps quiet the engine, reduce vibrations, eradicate many rough idle issues, reduce operating temperatures, and extend the lifespan of the engine and turbo(s). Here’s what Gilbert, a first time user of our products; had to say about our product in his gasoline powered Audi “I was able to try out the new formula for gasoline engines in my ‘01 Audi A4. I was having lots of tapping and clicking from the engine bay and I thought why not. So about a week into having it in a fresh oil change I can say my noises have been reduced by at least 80%. I honestly couldn’t believe it at first, especially on cold starts it would be LOUD, like bro your car sounds like a diesel. Now it’s back to being quiet with just a tiny bit of ticking which could be CCT but for all purposes I would give this product a recommendation. The first in its class to back up what the label says.”

Originally published in LSI Innovation Magazine – Issue 106

Firepunk Diesel Sets NHRDA World Records

truck racing

NHRDA Title Sponsor Hot Shot’s Secret congratulates Lavon Miller and his team on setting the NHRDA Pro Street E.T. and MPH World Records. Lavon Miller and his team made the trip from Ohio to Oklahoma Diesel Nationals in Tulsa, OK ready to show the fans and competitors that he meant business.

In qualifying, Miller piloted his 2006 Dodge down the Tulsa Raceway Park drag strip in 7.993 seconds at 174.75 MPH! In his second pass, the Firepunk Diesel truck put up an 8.121 pass that awarded him the title of NHRDA Pro Street ET record holder. During his final run, he backed up his 174.75 MPH to take home the NHRDA Pro Street MPH record as well.

“We at Hot Shot’s Secret would like to congratulate Lavon Miller and the rest of the Firepunk Diesel team for taking home the two NHRDA Pro Street World Records at Oklahoma Diesel Nationals. As one of our valued dealers, we are proud to have our products carried by such a dedicated shop, family and team” says Hot Shot’s Secret CEO and President Chris Gabrelcik.

Firepunk Diesel is a diesel shop located in Plain City, OH. Primarily focused on competition transmissions, Firepunk Diesel continues to push the boundaries of diesel performance with every event they attend. Offering everything from tunes to turbochargers, be sure to check out Firepunk Diesel’s website here.

Find awesome dealers like Firepunk Diesel and more on our dealer map:

Find us at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show!


The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The show attracts 70,000 attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad according to the MATS website.

This year’s show starts March 23rd and ends March 25th. This year’s show features 1,100,000 SQ FT of exhibit space, educational seminars, and special events. This event is definitely something you want to mark on your calendar! Whether you’re looking for new products, trying to stay up-to-date on changes and industry issues, or want to connect with distributors, customers or suppliers like us, it’s sure to be an exciting event.

Whether you want to learn more about Hot Shot’s Secret products or how to carry them in your store, we encourage you to stop and see us at Booth #40660! It’s not every weekend you can test drive new trucks and see the 27th annual PKY Truck Beauty Championship with the largest grouping of show trucks in the country in the same place!

Hot Shot’s Secret Named Pro Street Class Sponsor of Outlaw Diesel Super Series


The Outlaw Diesel Super Series and Hot Shot’s Secret are excited to announce a partnership that will see Hot Shot’s Secret named Sponsor of the Pro Street class for the 2017 season. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is also the Official Fuel Additive of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series.

Manufacturing the most powerful diesel additives available, the team at Hot Shot’s Secret is looking forward to the season that lies ahead. “We are committed to making engines run as strong and efficient as they possibly can. We are excited to be this year’s sponsor of the Pro Street class in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series. I am looking forward to the partnership between the Outlaw Diesel Super Series and Hot Shot’s Secret. Developing powerful additives with dynamometer proven results keeps us excited for the future of diesel motorsports and the rest of the diesel industry” says Chris Gabrelcik, President/CEO of Lubrication Specialties, Inc.

2017 Outlaw Diesel Super Series Schedule

Rudy’s Diesel Season Opener
April 28-29, 2017
Piedmont Raceway – Julian, NC

TS Performance Outlaw Event
June 2-3, 2017
Beech Bend Dragway – Bowling Green, KY

Rocky Top Diesel Shootout
July 28-29, 2017
Crossville Dragway – Crossville,TN

Scheid Diesel Extravaganza
August 25-27, 2017
Crossroads Dragway – Terre Haute,IN

Rudy’s Fall Diesel Jam
October 6-7, 2017
Piedmont Dragway, Julian, NC

NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Drag Race Series

The NHRDA and Hot Shot’s Secret are excited to announce a partnership that will see Hot Shot’s Secret named the Title Sponsor for the 2017 drag racing season. Along with the Title Sponsor rights, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is also the Official Fuel Additive of the NHRDA for 2017.

Manufacturing the most powerful diesel additives available, the team at Hot Shot’s Secret is looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. “We are committed to making engines run as strong and efficient as they can. This partnership puts us in a position to make an even greater impact on diesels both on and off the track” CEO Chris Gabrelcik says.

“We are excited to have Hot Shot’s Secret on board as title sponsor of 2017 drag race series. I am looking forward to the partnership between the NHRDA and Hot Shot’s Secret and a record year of diesel drag racing,” said NHRDA President Randy Cole.

NHRDA 2017 Schedule