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Best Products for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Whether you’re racing or cruising the open roads, you need to count on your ride. With Hot Shot’s Secret motorcycle fuel additives and other products, you can be sure that your bike will continue to be reliable, providing you with the performance you expect.

Hot Shot’s Secret products include best-in-class fuel and oil additives, oils and transmission fluids that are scientifically proven to maximize your engine’s performance and reduce wear, while protecting your investment. Motorcycle owners tell us that they also appreciate our tech support from experts who care about keeping their rides going, as well as the industry’s best money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Our Featured Products for Motorcycle Engines

Hot Shot’s Secret has developed a simple two-step procedure for improving your motorcycle’s engine performance. Here’s how to give your engine “that old one-two punch” so you can feel the power again:

  • Add FR3 Motorcycle Additive, our friction-reducing oil additive, to your engine to increase horsepower and torque, which significantly improves performance. Motorcycle oil additives reduce engine wear by up to 43 percent, increases fuel economy by up to 5 percent and restores lost compression. This 100 percent synthetic friction reducer was developed using three patented technologies.
  • Add Gasoline Extreme to the fuel system every 10,000 miles to improve combustion and ignition efficiency and increase fuel economy by up to 7.9 percent in gasoline-powered engines. This 100 percent synthetic product cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, valves, pumps, rings, pistons and upper cylinders for a smoother idle, quieter operation and improved overall performance. Gasoline Extreme contains a fuel stabilizer that will keep fuel fresh for up to one year.

Gasoline Extreme Concentrated Fuel Tank Cleaner

Case Study: Increasing Horsepower & Torque

The effects of Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer were scientifically evaluated in a series of dynamometer tests undertaken on two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Horsepower and torque changes were measured to determine the impacts of FR3 on motorcycle engines.

Download the Case Study

South East Harley-Davidson in Bedford Heights, OH, has been selling the 8-oz. size of FR3 Friction Reducer for over a year — the perfect size for motorcycles!.

“FR3 Friction Reducer increased horsepower over 3 percent on our in-house dyno.”

Real Results From Real People

“I purchased the FR3 for my Harley FLTRXS after having good results from Hot Shot’s EDT in my pickup truck. Works great, idles more quietly and picked up a solid 1 – 2 mpg. Will start using it in the daily driver also.”
Jesse W., Ohio