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Introducing R82+ Adrenaline Diesel Racing Fuel Additive From Hot Shot's Secret!

ADRENALINE® R82+™ is formulated to provide extreme power and lubricity to competition vehicles. R82+™ contains an impressive amount of cetane improver that will increase your cetane number by up to ...34 points when using #2 pump diesel. Increased cetane in R82+™ aids in lower cranking time, quicker turbo spool time, less ignition delay and evens out the pressure peaks in the cylinders. Cetane is also responsible for creating a more complete combustion process so less of your fuel is left unburnt resulting in more efficiency and power. R82+™ also contains our Adrenaline® Racing Top Lubricant, providing the highest level of lubricity improvement on the market. R82+™ will protect your fuel pumps, and injectors by adding much needed lubricity. It also acts as an upper cylinder lubricant which reduces scuffing, improves ring seal and reduces friction at the cylinder wall to piston ring interface which increases performance.

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