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Hot Shot's Secret - Shift Restore

SHIFT RESTORE is a Group V Ester that quickly acts to solve issues with automatic transmissions, such as erratic and inconsistent shifting, hesitation and rough operation, excessive noise, and overheating.

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SHIFT RESTORE is engineered to safely dissolve the harmful gum and varnish that forms over time on the surface of precision transmission components. This CVT and automatic transmission fluid additive also lubricates and protects these key components for an extended transmission life. Use as a preventative maintenance product or to fix an existing problem.

Use approximately 1.5 OZ of SHIFT RESTORE per 1 QT of transmission fluid. This CVT and automatic transmission fluid additive may be added during a fresh fluid change or midway through the current service interval. Use every fluid change for the best results.
Note: The product displaces an equal amount of fluid.

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