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Purchasing tractors and combines requires a long-term investment, and to get the most return, your farming vehicles must operate at peak performance for as long as possible. As time goes on and the miles add up, you begin to notice problems, such as excessive maintenance costs, decreased power and performance, more frequent work interruptions, increased operating temperatures, rough idle and starts, increased emissions, moisture in the fuel tank and fuel instability.

These problems reduce your farming equipment’s reliability and longevity, increasing your long-term costs of doing business. That’s why you need Hot Shot’s Secret diesel fuel additives for tractors and combines — the BEST of the BEST — to solve these problems and prevent them from recurring.

Our Featured Products for Ag Equipment Engines

Our top products for improving tractor and combine engine performance are:

How Do I maximize the efficiency of my engine?

Other Hot Shot’s Secret Products for Agricultural Equipment

  • Blue Diamond Severe Duty Gear Oil was formulated for severe-duty application; it reduces wear and shearing and improves oxidation and thermal stability.

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  • Green Diamond Fleet Oil is infused with FR3 nano technology and a CK-4 additive package to provide unsurpassed levels of longevity and performance.

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  • Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid is infused with FR3 nano technology protects against wear and reduces extreme heat.

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Our Triple Threat Testing Process

Like Agriculture, Our Products Are Backed by Science

Diesel dominates in the agricultural industry. The hardest working diesel equipment needs top-notch performance additives to keep motors running at full tilt. These machines face tough conditions and uncertain fuel quality, which can lead to serious engine damage if the proper precautions are not taken.

Hot Shot’s Secret oil, fuel and transmission products are designed to clean, protect and ensure that your equipment stays in top shape to get the job done. From oil and fuel systems, to hydraulic systems and transmissions, Hot Shot’s Secret has a formula that will improve your equipment’s efficiency and performance, regardless of usage, age or the weather.