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Hot Shot’s Secret is the fastest growing lubricant company in the industry and this is due to our passion of working directly with dealers like you, who bring our industrial-grade, problem-solving line of products to the customers you care so much about.

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We provide all of the materials you need to support your sales, free of charge, including…

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When you join the Hot Shot’s Secret team, you become part of our family. Of course we provide our dealers with a great opportunity for an additional revenue stream for their businesses, but more importantly we strive to become a partner to our dealers with the goal of long-term growth by helping to bring your lubricant expertise to an all new level. Through our various training programs, fuel and oil analysis capabilities, dealer benefits, and a complete line of industry-leading fully-formulated products that are #PoweredByScience, our end goal is to ultimately make you the hero to your customers.

We are very excited to discuss the next steps in becoming a Hot Shot’s Secret certified dealership with you. Please fill out the form above to have one of our dedicated Account Executives contact you. It is our pleasure to make sure that you have every tool you need to become a successful Hot Shot’s Secret dealer and to provide the greatest possible products and service to your customers. We look forward to developing a customized dealership program catered to your specific business, as we have something for every size of business, type of customer base and budget. Thanks again for taking the time to review this opportunity and we look forward to welcoming you to the Hot Shot’s Secret family.


When you join the Hot Shot’s Secret dealer network, you become part of our family. We want to support you in every way possible – starting with extensive product training.

We will work directly with your team so that they have the knowledge needed to best service your customers.

We offer various product education opportunities, including tours of our headquarters, on-site training at your location, video teleconference training, and 24/7 access to our web-based Dealer Portal.

What Our Dealers & Fleets Think . . .

From small fleets & single bay shops to the largest operations in the nation, we are proud to support business of all sizes.

  • “I had a customer heading to South Florida pulling a heavy load who claimed if he got 7 MPG on the trip he would know the product worked. He told me he got up to 7.2 MPG using the Diesel Extreme fuel additive. I haven’t had a person try it, who hasn’t come back for more.”

    David Overholt
    Pokey’s Performance & Repair
    Montezuma, GA

  • “They have top of the line products and we have top of the line race trucks. We worked together on the ADRENALINE racing line, which has shown real-world results. We offer the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret products at Firepunk Diesel, covering every application from daily drivers to high performance race trucks.”

    Lavon Miller
    Firepunk Diesel
    Plain City, OH

  • “Some are owner operators and we have some late model 389 Peterbilts that are company owned. We have multiple owner operators that swear by it. They have seen an increase in fuel mileage and one even noted that 10k miles on his oil, he could see the crosshatches on the dipstick through the oil while using the Stiction Eliminator.”

    Phil Rauch Sancrest
    Specialized Transport
    Billings, MO

  • “After making the switch to Hot Shot’s Secret products, my customers are coming back and demanding it! We no longer carry the competing products, it’s all Hot Shot’s Secret now.”

    Randy Cole 
    Randy’s Off Road
    Marysville, WA

  • “We want our customers to run the best, so having Hot Shot’s Secret available for them just made sense! With over a decade in the parts and accessories business we are proud to be partnered with them and look forward to continued growth as we expand our product line.”

    Kevin Gowrie
    Summit Customs
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  • “We’ve seen Hot Shot’s Secret products save customers from injector replacements and they leave here very happy because of it.”

    Scott Ruhl
    Ruhl’s Diesel Repair
    Mount Gilead, OH

You are not in this alone…

As a member of our Certified Dealership Network, we want to make sure that you always have an easy and open line of communication with Hot Shot’s Secret. This is why we assign one of our talented Account Executives to each one of our dealers so that you have a dedicated point of contact for all of your needs.

Your Account Executive acts as a personal liaison between Hot Shot’s Secret and your company. Their core responsibility is to provide superior dealer service in all aspects of your account – from dealer on-boarding and product training, to order processing and customer support. Your Account Executive is always just one call, email or message away.

A dedicated Account Executive is assigned to personally service YOUR account.



Let us help you grow your business…

Hot Shot’s Secret is the fastest growing lubricant company in America thanks to an ever-growing customer base that has been excited to find a line of high performance, problem-solving products which have traditionally only been made available to industrial grade markets. When you join the Hot Shot’s Secret family, we bring this army of avid lubricant enthusiasts to your business. We work very closely with our dealers to promote their businesses as an avenue where these customers can find our products.

As a member of our Certified Dealership Network, your business will be added to our interactive Dealer Map on the Hot Shot’s Secret website, while our Customer Service Department regularly refers regional customers to your business. We also use our Social Media resources to further promote our dealers, including geotargeted and co-op advertising, guest appearances and logo placement on our weekly Facebook Live show, and inclusion in our newly expanded digital/print/video content development featuring our dealers as the experts in the field which brings additional marketing awareness to your business. Finally, we are happy to support special promotions and events that you host or take part in whenever possible.

When you grow, then we grow – so let’s grow together.

Real Results From Real People

“The Hot Shot products work just like Hot Shot says they do — even better than I would have expected. I have over 35 years’ experience in diesel truck maintenance as a mechanic, and for engine life longevity and minimizing the odds of problems, the Hot Shot program is part of my regular preventative maintenance.”
Kenneth C.