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Get the Most Out of Your Diesel Engine

As the diesel experts, we understand the concerns and problems faced by diesel car and truck owners. That’s why we manufacture the products that protect your investment while helping you maximize your engine’s efficiency.

Our products are designed to clean and protect your engine and ensure that it remains in top shape. From oil and fuel systems to hydraulic systems and transmissions, Hot Shot’s Secret has a formula that will improve your engine’s efficiency and performance, regardless of the way you use your vehicle, its age or the weather.

Restore Your Engine’s Performance Power

Hot Shot’s Secret offers a two-step process that aids in turning back the clock on your engine’s performance. Follow this procedure to help restore that feeling of raw power your diesel engine had when it was new — all it takes is the timely use of two of our most popular additives, Stiction Eliminator and Diesel Extreme.

Here’s how to give your engine “that old one-two punch” so you can feel the power again:

  • Add Stiction Eliminator during your next oil change to wipe out stiction from your engine’s oil system.
  • Add Diesel Extreme at your next fuel fill-up; it devours nasty diesel injector deposits while scrubbing out stiction from your fuel system.

Together, these scientifically proven diesel engine products get rid of stiction — the residue left by burnt oil and fuel that coats engine parts and creates a sticky friction (or “stiction”) that steals your engine’s original power.

How do I maximize the efficiency of my engine

Products That Maximize Engine Efficiency

Our most popular product categories and their benefits include the following:

Learn about our TRIPLE-THREAT testing


Our Products Are Powered by Science

We test our products differently by performing triple-threat testing in our world-class R&D lab, third-party testing and real-world testing, and we post the results on our product information. Rest assured that every Hot Shot’s Secret product is the BEST OF THE BEST, a claim that has been scientifically proven.

Our greatest form of credibility, however, comes from the racetrack and all the world records earned by race vehicles using our products. We manufacture only one level of product, the BEST, and we make our professional-grade oil and fuel additives available to the everyday driver like yourself.

Real Results From Real People

“Had injector problem on my 1995 7.3, used the oil and fuel additives together. Problem went away in less than 100 miles! Sold me.”
Mark I.