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Whether driving a motorhome or towing your RV, Hot Shot’s Secret has products to keep your vehicle in top condition. In 2009, Hot Shot’s Secret launched its first automotive product, Stiction Eliminator oil additive, and has since added over 30 automotive products to serve the needs of recreational vehicles of every make and model, whether gas-powered or diesel. Each of these fuel treatment additive products has proven formulas that dramatically increase the life of your engine and improve your vehicle’s performance.

Be your family’s hero by keeping your vehicle performing at its best, from the moment you leave home right up until your return home. Before leaving on your trip, make sure your engine is running smoothly. If you have a specific problem and are unsure of what product or product combinations will help improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance, please contact our tech specialists for guidance.

Our Featured Products FOR DIESEL RVs

PREMIUM RV DIESEL ADDITIVE is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive that greatly upgrades power, performance, fuel economy and fuel stabilization for all diesel RVs. RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE boosts diesel’s cetane rating, creating more power and better fuel economy. It also provides excellent fuel lubrication to promote greater reliability and longevity. RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE prevents gum and varnish from forming inside the fuel system, including fuel injectors, while also improving fuel stability allowing for long term storage.

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Our Featured Gasoline RV Product

RV PREMIUM GASOLINE ADDITIVE is a multi-functional fuel additive for gasoline powered RVs that excels in cleaning fuel injectors and stabilizing fuel for long term storage for up to one year. RV PREMIUM GASOLINE ADDITIVE is a member of the Hot Shot’s Secret line of products engineered specifically for recreational vehicles. It is a multi-functional fuel additive for gasoline powered RVs and contains one of the strongest fuel injector cleaner available. RV PREMIUM GASOLINE ADDITIVE improves the fuel economy and power of gasoline RVs by cleaning the entire fuel system, removing combustion chamber and intake valve deposits. RV PREMIUM GASOLINE ADDITIVE also lubricates and stabilizes gasoline for long term storage and protection.

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Other Hot Shot’s Secret Products for RV Engines


    RV Engine Protector cleans the gum and varnish built up in your engine while also lubricating everything the oil touches inside your engine. It is a premium RV oil additive formulated to improve the performance and reliability of RVs by safely cleaning engine components of stiction and other varnish/debris that occurs inside hard working RV engines. RV ENGINE PROTECTOR contains our patented FR3 Nano Lubricant to greatly reduce friction inside the engine, reducing wear up to 62% more than oil alone and improving engine efficiency. Use RV ENGINE PROTECTOR in any diesel or gasoline engine to improve fuel economy and power, reduce wear and increase engine reliability.

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    Hot Shot’s Secret RV Slide Out Lubricant adheres on surfaces and will not drip or run. Hot Shot’s Secret RV Slide Out Lubricant sprays on thick and is an extreme duty lubricating spray that was formulated for lubricating slide outs for your RV, but you will find many uses in day to day traveling applications. Hot Shot’s Secret RV Slide Out Lubricant is formulated with a superior synthetic base stock designed to lubricate and protect moving parts for your RV slide outs against friction, oxidation, corrosion and other types of distress and wear. It is safe to use on metal, rubber, vinyl and plastic.

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  • RV TRANS PROTECTOR is a member of the Hot Shot’s Secret line of products engineered specifically for recreational vehicles. It is a unique RV transmission additive that is formulated to combat issues associated with today’s RV transmissions, such as poor/inconsistent shift quality, rough operation and burning transmission fluid. RV TRANSMISSION PROTECTOR helps restore and improve shift quality by safely cleaning and removing any varnish/debris from inside the transmission, which also promotes quieter transmission operation. It also greatly reduces operating temperatures inside the transmission by reducing friction, allowing it to stay cleaner, longer and avoid the buildup of further varnish/debris.

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Hot Shot’s Products Will Make a Difference in Your Life

Our RV Products Are Backed by Science

Recreational vehicles are designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. The additives you use in your RV should be the same way. That is why Hot Shot’s Secret engineered the first line of products specifically for RVs. Hot Shot’s Secret’s RV line of products are fully formulated, high quality products created to solve specific RV related problems, improve performance, fuel economy and reliability. When hitting the open road, you should not have to worry about your RV’s performance and whether you’ll hit mechanical “roadblocks” while traveling. Be confident your RV will perform as promised when using Hot Shot’s Secret RV products. Hot Shot’s Secret offers best-in-class additives, oils and transmission fluids that have been scientifically proven to maximize engine performance, reduce wear and protect your investment. Our RV customers trust us because our products are backed by science — they know that when they choose our products, they can rest assured that their engines will perform at their best, even under severe weather conditions and in the toughest terrains.



No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.