What Does a Fuel System Cleaner Do for Your RV?

What does a fuel system cleaner do for your RV?
June 6, 2023

After thousands of miles on the road, deposits and dirt can clog your RV’s fuel injector. As a result, the engine may not receive the proper amount of fuel, reducing power and fuel economy.

Regularly cleaning your fuel injector per the manufacturer’s instructions is vital to remove harmful carbon and gum deposits. A clean fuel system can increase your RV fuel mileage, improve acceleration and encourage smooth idling.

What Is a Fuel Injector?

A fuel injector sprays fuel into an internal combustion engine. The process varies between gasoline and diesel fuel engines. A traditional gasoline engine uses carburetor devices to combine air and fuel before sending it to the cylinder to compress. A modern gasoline engine uses an injection system, which adds air to the fuel right before the intake phase.

Conversely, a diesel fuel injector sends fuel directly to the cylinder. Diesel reis ignited by heat generated during the compression of air in the combustion chamber, into which fuel is then injected. The RV’s fuel pump sends fuel to the injectors, which can open and close as needed to control intake.

An injector can’t deliver sufficient fuel to the engine when obstructed by heavy deposits. It’s essential to clean the fuel injector nozzle and other fuel system components to improve fuel efficiency, enhance performance and prevent new deposit buildup.


How to Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner

Now that you understand the importance of cleaning your RV fuel system, here are the basic steps for using a fuel injector cleaner.

1. Select the Proper Cleaner for Your Vehicle

There are many fuel injector cleaners available. Some are designed for diesel systems, while others are for gasoline engines. Some products include features like fuel stabilization or fuel lubrication. Carefully read descriptions to narrow your options and find a product well-suited to your RV fuel system.

2. Determine How Much Cleaner to Use

After choosing a fuel injector cleaner for your engine, read the label to determine the appropriate amount for your vehicle. You will want to treat your entire fuel tank, allowing most of tank to fuel the vehicle before refueling to allow the maximum clean.

3. Pour the Cleaner Into the Fuel Tank

Once you’ve determined the appropriate amount of cleaner, pour it into the tank when your fuel level is low. Waiting until your tank is nearly empty can yield the best results. Open the fuel cap and pour the cleaner directly into the tank. Use a small funnel for a clean pour if the product doesn’t have a nozzle.

4. Fill the Vehicle With Fuel

After pouring in the fuel injector cleaner, fill the tank with fuel as you normally would and replace the fuel cap. You should be good to go. The cleaner dissolves and scrubs away sludge as it moves through the fuel lines, fuel injectors and combustion chamber. The combustible solvents burn with the fuel as the engine runs.

You should see improvements in acceleration,fuel mileage and idling. The improvement rate can depend on factors like your fuel system’s condition and the cleaner’s quality. Most cleaners start working immediately, but it could take time to notice the results. You may travel several hundred miles before seeing a difference in performance.


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