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Products That Solve Problems

Hot Shot’s Secret and its family of products provide problem-specific solutions for diesel and gasoline engines across the USA and around the world. Our team of experienced professionals understands the needs of diesel owners and the automotive industry, and we research, test and develop new products every day to meet those needs.

In the words of our President and Owner, Chris Gabrelcik, “Our goal is to bring extreme duty, high performance, custom-made products to end users and corporations with lubrication problems — products that have been engineered to resolve issues, make equipment last longer and improve efficiency.”

“Powered by Science” isn’t just a catchphrase. Hot Shot’s Secret researches, develops and tests our products continuously until we are certain that they are the strongest and most effective on the market. Proven to work around the world, the products we sell are proudly made in the USA, right down to the label.