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RV Maintenance Products

When you set out on the open road with your RV, you want your motorhome to perform its best and have a trouble-free journey. Fuel additives can help you prevent breakdowns associated with fuel system issues, especially from long storage periods. They also keep your RV’s injectors clean, resulting in performance increases and greater fuel economy. By keeping your fuel system clean and protected with fuel additives, you can ensure you have the most enjoyable road trip possible. Find out more about the best fuel additives available and some of the top benefits of fuel additives. In addition, find a complete line of RV maintenance products that protect your investment and give you peace of mind. 


Best Maintenance Products and Fuel Additives for RVs and Motorhomes

To improve your RV or motorhome’s performance, you’ll want the best fuel additives on the market today. At Hot Shot’s Secret, we offer several RV fuel additives designed to improve your RV’s performance and cleanliness. We have a wide range of products to help you find the right additive for your RV. For example, you can purchase additives for diesel fuel and those for gasoline. You may also enjoy our transmission and engine protectors, as well as our slide-out lubricant. 

Below are some of the best fuel additives for RVs and motorhomes:

  • Premium RV Diesel Additive: We formulated our Premium RV Diesel Additive with properties that significantly enhance fuel stabilization, fuel economy, performance and power. This multi-functional diesel fuel additive increases your diesel’s cetane rating, resulting in greater fuel economy and power. The product also promotes longevity and reliability for your RV by bettering your fuel’s lubrication. Our Premium RV Diesel Additive keeps your fuel system and fuel injectors clean by preventing injector deposits and varnish from forming.
  • Premium RV Gas Additive: Our Premium RV Gas Additive is a multi-functional fuel additive designed for RVs running on gasoline. The additive’s formula features one of the toughest fuel injector cleaners on the market. These additives also improve your RV’s power and fuel economy by cleaning out deposits in your fuel system’s intake valves and combustion chambers. This product stabilizes gasoline and improves lubrication while protecting your RV’s fuel during long-term storage. The additive is compatible in gasoline with a high ethanol content and corrects and prevents issues caused by ethanol.
  • RV Slide-Out Lubricant: We formulated our RV Slide-Out Lubricant to protect every kind of RV slide-out mechanism from corrosion and rust. This product also lubricates these mechanisms to make RV operation quieter and smoother. This versatile lubricant is compatible with plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal. It’s also made with a long-lasting formula to increase the life span of your slide-out mechanisms.
  • RV Engine Protector: The RV Engine Protector is one of the best RV oil additives made to clean stiction and burnt oil deposits on your engine components safely. Its ability to clean contaminants improves the reliability and performance of your RV. We include our patented FR3 Nano Lubricant in this product to increase lubrication and minimize friction, resulting in significant wear reduction and greater engine efficiency. Because the RV Engine Protector is a mix of lubricant and cleaner, your RV can see many performance benefits.
  • RV Trans Protector: Our specialty RV transmission additive, the RV Trans Protector, is an automatic transmission enhancer and cleaner. We formulated it specifically for RV transmissions to solve common issues like burning transmission fluid, rough operation and inconsistent or improper shift quality. This transmission additive cleans and removes any debris or varnish in your transmission, improving shift quality as a result. The RV Trans Protector also removes debris buildup and friction, resulting in lower engine transmission operating temperatures.

  Products Specifically Designed for RVs and Motorhomes  

Products Specifically Designed for RVs and Motorhomes

Manufacturers create RVs and motorhomes with specific purposes in mind, and any additives you put in them should take into account the RV’s unique fuel system and engine requirements. At Hot Shot’s Secret, we formulate our additives specifically for RVs to meet their needs and keep your motorhome in the best condition possible.

We tailor our additives to provide benefits that eliminate mechanical issues while you’re out on the road. Our additives’ formulas improve your RV engine’s reliability, fuel economy and performance by removing or reducing common fuel system issues. With our fuel additives’ advantages, you can be confident your RV is performing at the best of its ability.


Top Benefits of the Best RV Fuel Additives

Our RV fuel additives deliver several benefits for your RV. These advantages include extended vehicle longevity, increased power and improved fuel economy:


1. Improved Fuel Economy 

When your RV’s fuel system has lots of buildup and deposits, it will waste diesel or gasoline. This fuel waste can affect your RV’s miles-per-gallon. Our high-quality additives can make it so your engine maximizes fuel without leaving any of it behind. When your engine’s combustion burns more of the fuel, your RV can raise its miles-per-gallon rating. By getting more out of your fuel, you reduce how often you have to stop at the pump and save on fuel costs.


2. Increased Performance and Power

Deposits and buildup in your fuel system lead to fuel inefficiency and the loss of proper fuel flow. When you use our fuel additives, you can improve fuel flow and efficiency, reducing the stress on several parts of your engine. This reduced stress results in the engine performing to its full potential. When your engine operates at its full potential, you’ll see increased performance and possibly a boost in your engine’s horsepower.


3. Extended Vehicle Longevity

Our fuel additives come with corrosion inhibitors in the formula to prevent wear on your RV’s metal parts. If left unchecked, corrosion can cause these metal parts to break down, leaving you with costly repairs. By using fuel additives with corrosion inhibitors, you reduce the chances of breakdowns and can ultimately save time and money.


Try Hot Shot’s Secret in Your RV or Motorhome

Hot Shot’s Secret RV fuel additives come with many advantages for you and your vehicle. All our products undergo scientific testing to ensure we only give your RV the best. We’re so confident in our products that we offer all of them with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t think we’re meeting our promise, we’ll give you your money back without any questions asked.

Review our RV fuel additives above to pinpoint which products will serve your vehicle best. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.