Our Products Improve Diesel Engine Performance

Cyber Week Sale '21 - Free Stiction Eliminator
November 23, 2021

This is our biggest sale of the year. Buy more, get more FREE Stiction Eliminator! Hurry offer ends 11/30/21. Buy $70+ get FREE 16oz STICTION ELIMINATOR Buy $125+ get FREE 32oz STICTION ELIMINATOR Buy $200+ get FREE 64oz STICTION ELIMINATOR Buy $350+ get FREE 1 GALLON STICTION ELIMINATOR

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The Ultimate Gearhead Gift Guide
November 18, 2021

’Tis the season for diesel and gasoline themed gifts for all of the gearheads in your life. Hot Shot’s Secret is the one-stop destination for all of your holiday gift buying needs. We have products and bundles that are sure to excite all of the gun lovers and vehicle enthusiasts in your circle. Keep reading

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Be kind to your car on World Kindness Day 🤗
November 12, 2021

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12 ONLY Be kind to your gas engine and use GASOLINE EXTREME. Saturday only, orders $77+ on will receive a FREE 16oz bottle in celebration of World Kindness Day. Limited to the first 100 orders, if promotion is available, it will be added to your cart automatically.

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The Science of Motor Oil Viscosity
November 11, 2021

Choosing the right oil for your motor can be an overwhelming task when you consider just how many options there are. And to actually understand what you are buying when you grab that 15W-40 bottle off the shelf is an entirely different battle. The Rating System Motor oils use a rating system developed by the

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LX4 bottle in front of a truck
November 5, 2021

Many diesel owners are aware that diesel is not the high-quality product it once was. A lawsuit claiming that the Bosch CP4 high-pressure fuel injection pump installed within a variety of diesel vehicles is failing prematurely. Many are questioning the use of the CP4 and how to avoid becoming another statistic of costly repairs. Luckily

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The Differences Between HEUI and Non-HEUI Injectors
November 3, 2021

Diesel fuel systems require precise sprays of fuel for reliable, consistent combustion. That’s where injector systems come in. These high-pressure systems send regular streams of fuel to the engine to keep your vehicle running. There are three primary design concepts for diesel injection systems:  Mechanical Fuel Injectors (MFIs): This old-school system functions without computer control,

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How Fuel Additives Maximize Performance
October 29, 2021

With gas prices hitting a 7-year high, you’re probably on the lookout for products that maximize performance from your car engines and save money at the pump. One way to do this is through fuel additives. These convenient and effective performance enhancers can maximize your vehicle’s performance in a variety of ways. Here’s how: Why

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Pick Your Treat Sale
October 26, 2021

Now through October 31, 2021 pick your treat with any order over $55. At checkout pick a 4oz bottle of choice including LX4, EDT or Diesel Winter Anti-Gel. You must select one at checkout to receive the offer.

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What to use in the winter
October 22, 2021

The sun is shining, you can feel the warm sun on the back of your neck as you pump that over-priced diesel fuel into your truck. You open your door and grab that half-full bottle of Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) with a smile knowing you have finally figured out what keeps your

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