Our Products Improve Diesel Engine Performance

May 31, 2023

Summer is upon us, and who better to help prep for the season than the Einstein of Additives himself, Chris Gabrelcik of Hot Shot’s Secret. With the price of a 3000-mile oil change skyrocketing to a whopping $300 or more, how would you like to never change the oil in your ride ever again? “You

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Engine Oil Analysis
May 23, 2023

The right oil change interval for your diesel engine depends on a range of factors, starting with how you use your vehicle. The average diesel pickup getting moderately heavy use may need an oil change about twice a year, or every 6,000 miles or so. Trucks that only get light use could be able to

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May 8, 2023

Many motorists view changing leaves and budding flowers as signs to change their engine oil. Why do drivers choose to change their oil in spring and fall? There are a few contributing factors. Many people change their oil during these seasons because previous generations taught them to do so. For other drivers, the start of

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Image of a diesel fuel pump filling a fuel tank
May 1, 2023

Contaminated diesel fuel is one of your engine’s worst enemies. Many internal components inside your fuel system’s injectors are highly susceptible to sticking or wear when exposed to potentially harmful contaminants. Damage to these critical components can pose a safety risk to drivers and passengers, lead to costly repairs and decrease your vehicle’s life span

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April 16, 2023

Fuel injectors become dirty and clogged when deposits build up after thousands of miles of frequent use. When this clogging occurs, the engine does not receive the correct amount of fuel it needs, causing lower fuel economy or a decrease in power. It’s vital to clean fuel injectors regularly and effectively to help remove harmful

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The Science of Motor Oil Viscosity
April 11, 2023

Choosing the right oil for your motor can be overwhelming when you consider the many options available. On top of that, understanding what you are buying when you grab that 15W-40 bottle off the shelf is an entirely different battle. Hot Shot’s Secret can help you learn how to choose the right oil viscosity for your engine. What Is Viscosity? Viscosity is

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What in diesel fuel?
March 29, 2023

Diesel fuel is mildly hygroscopic, attracting and absorbing moisture from out of the air. Water can also enter the fuel system from poorly maintained storage tanks at diesel fuel retailers. Regularly leaving water in the fuel system can cause numerous issues, including rust and corrosion, icing in winter months and microbial growth. As an additive manufacturer, we prevent water-related

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February 20, 2023

What Is a Fuel Treatment? Fuel treatments can transform the way your vehicle runs. You may not notice much at first, but over time, a good fuel treatment regimen can improve fuel efficiency, break down internal buildup and corrosion and increase your car’s power. In short, fuel treatments maximize vehicle performance, and if you aren’t using

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January 11, 2023

Protect Your Fuel System From Contamination Kyle from Hot Shot’s Secret joins us on the podcast to talk fuel, contamination, and more! We also hear about their involvement in some major racing news.

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