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Optimize Your Vehicle’s Gasoline Engine

We are more than the industry’s diesel experts. We also understand the concerns and problems faced by those who own gasoline-powered vehicles. Hot Shot’s Secret manufactures several products that help you maximize your gas engine’s efficiency while protecting your investment in your vehicle.

If you’ve come to know and trust us for our diesel excellence, then you can rest assured that our products offer the BEST solutions for your gasoline engines, too. Our best-in-class fuel and oil additives, oils and transmission fluids are scientifically proven to improve your engine’s performance while reducing wear. And if you need more reasons to try Hot Shot’s Secret products for your gas engine, here are a few: (1) tech support from our engine experts is only a call or contact form away, and (2) if you aren’t satisfied, we will return your money with no questions asked.

Restore Your Gas Engine’s Performance

Hot Shot’s Secret has developed a simple two-step procedure to improve your gasoline engine’s performance. Following this procedure restores your engine to the power it had when it was new.

Here’s how to give your engine “that old one-two punch” so you can feel the power again:

  • Add Gasoline Extreme fuel additive once every 10,000 miles. This powerful fuel system cleaning product cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, valves, pumps, rings, pistons and upper cylinders, improving overall performance and fuel economy. Your engine will idle more smoothly and run more quietly.
  • Add Stiction Eliminator oil additive during your next oil change. This product wipes out stiction in your engine’s oil system, reduces wear, and improves power and compression.


Our Triple Threat Testing Process

Other Hot Shot’s Secret Products for Gas Engines

  • FR3 Friction Reducer increases fuel economy, improves towing power, decreases oil operating temperature and reduces engine wear.

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  • Shift Restore lowers operating temperature, eliminates stiction from automatic transmissions and reduces friction.

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  • Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant, a 50/50 formulation, is designed for long life and precharged with a supplemental coolant additive.

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Real Results From Real People

“Five stars for Gasoline Extreme. Cleaned up a 3.4 V6 Toyota. Now it has the performance of a new engine. The idle is so quiet that I had to turn up my hearing aids to make sure it was running. Great product! Keep them (new products) coming.”
John T.