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Oil additives are crucial to an engine’s performance, as they improve the base motor oil and protect an engine’s metal components. Some are skeptical of oil additives, but when you select the right kind, they’re well worth the hype. The best oil additives are particularly effective at increasing the time between service intervals, enhancing an engine’s performance and improving a vehicle’s fuel economy.


Find out more about what engine oil additives do and explore the various kinds on the market. You’ll also learn about their benefits and some of the most effective additives available today.


Hot Shot’s Secret Engine Oil Additives

Hot Shot’s Secret’s engine oil additives are some of the best in the industry. Our products go through a rigorous three-step testing process to ensure they offer high-quality performance. We begin by testing them in our top-tier research and development lab and give them to a third-party that conducts independent dynamometer testing. After the third-party verifies our oil additives’ quality, we send the products out for real-world testing.


Due to this extensive testing process, we ensure we’re only offering the best solutions to our customers. When you look for an oil additive, we have plenty of options you might be interested in investing in for your engine’s health. As you learn more about fuel additives, take a moment to find out what some of the top engine oil additives on the market offer below:


1. The Original Stiction Eliminator 


The Original Stiction Eliminator is one of the most popular options we offer to customers. This oil treatment serves diesel and gasoline engines, delivering essential additives to improve their performance. Once you use the product, it goes to work by safely removing residue that sticks to an engine’s components and harms them. The oil additive lubricates and cleans the engine’s oil pump, rings, turbo, injectors and, in diesel engines, the hydraulic electric unit injectors (HEUI).


We manufacture the product with additives engineered to attack stiction — the varnish and sludge created by burnt oil — and remove this harmful substance. The Original Striction Eliminator also helps to better lubricate the engine. Our product’s cleaning and lubricating properties come from our special blend of proprietary carbon nano lubricant and synthetic cleaner.


As a result of our product’s designs, an ASTM G-133 third-party test found that our oil additives reduce wear on an engine by up to 62% when compared to the base engine oil. The product can also restore compression and power and improve fuel economy. It can even fix 9 out of 10 failing HEUI injectors.


2. FR3 Friction Reducer


As an anti-friction oil treatment, our FR3 Friction Reducer is a 100% synthetic oil additive that protects engines and improves performance. You can use the product in any vehicle, as it works with synthetic or conventional oil. We create this product from a blend of three patented lubricants. The oil additives in this mixture improve oxidation stability and film strength. The FR3 Friction Reducer also decreases the amount of friction in your engine. 


Due to the product’s strength, it keeps your oil at optimal specifications by keeping it cleaner and making it more protective. Many customers see exceptional benefits from our FR3 Friction Reducer. For example, third-party ASTM testing confirmed it could lessen engine wear by 43%, boost fuel economy by 5% and increase horsepower by 5% at maximum levels. 


3. TBN Booster

As its name suggests, we designed the TBN Booster to increase base oil’s Total Base Number (TBN). We make this oil additive from a concentrated formula featuring 100% active ingredients of Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer, a TBN Booster and a CK-4 additive package. Due to this formula, the TBN Booster can serve diesel engines well and provide them with multiple advantages.


Oil detergents decrease over time and eventually harm the base oil’s viscosity and TBN. As an oil additive, TBN Booster replenishes any lost oil detergents, raising the viscosity and TBN. By adding new detergents, our oil additives protect your engine from corrosive acidic conditions. The product also helps stabilize and strengthen the host oil to extend its life and the time between oil drain intervals.



Try Hot Shot’s Secret’s Engine Oil Additives Today


With all the exceptional products Hot Shot’s Secret offers for engines, you’re likely interested in making a purchase. Alongside our high-quality products, we also offer buyers a money-back guarantee. Since our products are backed by science and extensive testing, we’re confident they’ll meet our customers’ expectations.


Take a moment to review our oil additives above. If you have any questions or need help picking the right engine oil additive, please feel free to contact us.