The Science Behind Our Stiction Eliminator

The Science Behind Our Stiction Eliminator
October 8, 2021

Is your vehicle dealing with stiction? Although stiction is mostly seen in Ford 6.0L and 7.3L engines, stiction can be an issue on any vehicle. This sticky friction is caused by caked-on oil varnish build-up residue that occurs on HEUI-type diesel injectors, bearings, turbos, and engine components. Stiction build-up often results in hard starts, rough idling, black smoke, failed injectors and turbos, reduced power and fuel efficiency.

Fortunately, stiction can be removed from the oil system through the application of Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator that includes detergents and dispersants. So how does this additive work exactly? Before we dive into the science behind the Stiction Eliminator, let’s talk about how our flagship product came to be.

The History of Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator

In 2004, International Truck and Engine needed a product that removed stiction in the Navistar and Ford Powerstroke Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI injectors). To help them find a solution to this problem, Hot Shot’s Secret introduced the Original Stiction Eliminator to reduce clogged or malfunctioning HEUI injectors. Stiction Eliminator was very effective, fixing 9 out of 10 “failing” injectors. We continued to test and improve the formula over the past 25+ years, ensuring it cleans and lubricates components in both HEUI and non-HEUI engines. It’s now available with a new formulation that eliminates nearly 100% stiction from gas or diesel engines, including Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Cummins, Caterpillar, Power Stroke, or Duramax.

Now that you know the backstory of how our flagship product was created, you’re probably wondering how exactly our Stiction Eliminator works and the science behind it. Here’s a breakdown.

Stiction Eliminator cleans and lubricates anything the oil touches

How Does the Stiction Eliminator Work?

Constant sticky friction and extreme heat inside high-performance engines result in a burning effect of oil, causing a layer of oxidized oil to form over time. This burnt oil creates sludge and varnish on oil-wetted components inside your engine, causing oil sludge which can lead components to fail.

Stiction Eliminator cleans the sludge and varnish created from this burnt oil inside your engine while lubricating the engine, reducing turbo spool time, and maximizing boost in the RPM range. We formulated this by mixing a patented carbon nano lubricant into the Stiction Eliminator, filling in microscopic variations on the machined surface to provide a smoother surface for the lubricating film to form, reducing friction and wear and eliminating the black smoke and bucking and chugging on cold starts.

Adding Stiction Eliminator to your engine oil results in a 62% decrease in wear over oil alone.

Adding Stiction Eliminator to your engine oil results in a 62% decrease in wear over oil alone, as verified by ASTM G-133 Third Party testing. After undergoing an ASTM D4828 scrub test, Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator mixed with Blue Diamond Oil resulted in a rating of 92% clean.

Our Stiction Eliminator also cleans oil passages, pistons, rings, and oil pumps, restoring oil flow and dynamic compression. As a result, you can expect improved combustion efficiency, fuel economy, and power.

You can rest assured knowing that Hot Shot’s Secret’s Stiction Eliminator restores HEUI injectors to factory specifications and rejuvenates your engine to optimal performance by restoring the oil flow through the injectors, which corrects injector timing, fuel flow, and the spray pattern of your injectors.

How to Use Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator

We recommend adding 4 oz. per 1 quart of oil for the original cleanup and every forth oil change, and then 2 oz. per quart of oil as maintenance to your other oil changes. Some drivers have noticed the difference in as little as 50 miles. Plus, you’ll save thousands of dollars by not replacing injectors. The Stiction Eliminator is made for all diesel and gasoline engines. Since the Stiction Eliminator is not a flush that contains harsh solvents, it can also be used as a preventative measure to avoid stiction and protect your engine.

Contact Hot Shot’s Secret for More Information

Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator goes above and beyond for the entire oil system, freeing stuck HEUI injectors and reducing blow-by.

Like all Hot Shot’s Secret products, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase comes with our money back guarantee. If you have questions about our Stiction Eliminator, feel free to contact our team for more information. When you’re ready to buy, choose a size and add it to your cart, or call 800-341-6516 for information about case-quantity discounts.