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Stiction Eliminator

Stiction Eliminator 2 QT

Oil additive
Restores injectors
Improves power
Reduces engine wear

Diesel Extreme

Diesel Extreme 2 QT

Fuel additive
Cleans injectors
Removes water
Increase MPG

FR3 Friction Reducer

FR3 Friction Reducer

Oil Additive
Reduces engine wear
Increase MPG up to 5%

Everyday Diesel Treatment


Fuel additive
Boosts cetane
Increase MPG
Adds lubricity

Diagnose Your Diesel

A DIY Tool to Quickly Diagnose Diesel Engine Issues and Uncover Solutions

With only a few clicks – vehicle type, engine model, and symptom – Diagnose your Diesel provides you with quick ways to find the source of your diesel’s problem and a plan for quickly solving it yourself.

Diagnose Your Diesel delivers you multiple repair options with descriptive instructions, video, illustrations and photos.