How to Reduce Friction in Diesel Engines

How to reduce friction in diesel engines
July 10, 2023

An internal combustion engine contains multiple moving parts. Without sufficient lubrication, these mechanical components rub against each other at high speeds, producing heat through friction.

When left unaddressed, friction can wreak havoc on your vehicle over time. It raises engine temperatures, causes wear and erosion and hinders performance. Worn components from friction can increase emissions and decrease fuel mileage because the engine must work harder. 

Protecting your engine from friction can prevent premature damage, improve performance and extend its service life. Below, we’ll cover some tips for keeping friction in check.

What Causes Diesel Engine Friction?

Diesel engines often operate under high loads and temperatures, which can place additional demands on the engine lubrication system. Maintaining sufficient lubrication under these conditions becomes critical to reducing friction. However, the soot and contaminants present in diesel engine oil can accelerate wear and increase friction between moving parts.

Reducing friction in diesel engines is crucial for improving efficiency, reducing wear and tear, and increasing overall performance. Engine manufacturers employ various strategies, including optimizing component design, using high-quality lubricants specifically formulated for diesel engines, employing advanced surface coatings, and implementing precise manufacturing techniques, to minimize friction and enhance the efficiency of diesel engines.


Why Is Friction Bad for a Diesel Engine?

Friction in an internal combustion engine produces heat, reduces power output and wears out engine components. Excessive wear on the pistons and other moving parts can lead to cylinder compression loss, decreasing engine performance. 

Most diesel and an increasing number of gasoline engines are turbocharged. Friction and drag within the turbo can decrease fuel economy and result in poor throttle response. Over time this heat and wear can lead to turbo failure, costing thousands to replace. 

To extend system longevity and performance, you can invest in quality lubricant oil to reduce friction in your diesel engine and turbo.


How Can I Reduce Friction in My Engine?

Proper oiling and lubrication are the simplest, most effective ways to combat friction and heat. An engine lubricant helps protect moving parts, reduce heat, eliminate debris and smoothen movements between components.

It creates a film between two surfaces, which lowers the heat generated when the surfaces are in motion. This process helps decrease friction, thus improving efficiency and performance.

At Hot Shot’s Secret, we create high-quality lubricants, sprays, oils and additives to combat common automotive issues, such as friction. If you’re searching for the right oil additive to reduce friction or stiction in your diesel engine, we have multiple solutions that may interest you.


FR3 Friction Reducer

Our FR3 Friction Reducer can help improve your oil’s film strength, shear and oxidation stability by reducing friction. It’s a 100% synthetic oil additive combining three patented lubricants, including a nano lubricant, which can decrease engine wear by up to 43%.

Additionally, it can boost fuel economy and horsepower by up to 5% each. Your oil can achieve optimal specifications, offer more engine protection and stay cleaner, helping it last longer.

Because FR3 Friction Reducer is compatible with conventional and synthetic oil, you can use it in any vehicle. You can also add this anti-friction oil treatment to hydraulic systems, power-steering pumps and differentials.


The Original Stiction Eliminator

Treating both diesel and gasoline engines, The Original Stiction Eliminator helps enhance vehicle performance by removing stiction from its inner components. It includes special oil additives that clean and lubricate injectors, oil pumps, rings, turbochargers, pistons and HEUI injectors.

Stiction Eliminator can reduce engine wear by up to 62% more than engine oil alone. We use a special blend of synthetic cleaner and proprietary carbon nano lubricant, delivering advanced cleaning and lubricating properties to your oil-wetted engine components.

This product can improve compression, power and fuel economy. Additionally, it can restore most damaged HEUI injectors.


TBN Booster

Our TBN Booster additive replenishes naturally lost detergents to increase your oil’s viscosity and total base number (TBN). This process helps the oil neutralize corrosive acidic conditions in your diesel engine. We manufacture this product with a TBN Booster, our FR3 Friction Reducer and ingredients from a CK-4 Additive Package.


Reduce Engine Friction With Products From Hot Shot’s Secret

With various anti-friction lubricants for different vehicles, you can easily find a solution for your diesel engine. Our science-backed products undergo extensive testing so we can provide the highest quality for our customers. We also offer a money-back guarantee to ensure you experience excellent performance.

Browse our high-performance oil additives and order yours today. To inquire about any of our products or find the right solution for your vehicle, please reach out to our team at any time.