Tips for Prepping your RV for the Road

May 29, 2020

How to Prep Your RV For Your Next Road Trip

For some, there is no better time of the year than when the first warm day rolls around and it’s time to open up your home on wheels for the season. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to travel the country avoiding winter weather year round. Either way, whenever you gear up to hit the road there are things to accomplish before loading up and heading out.

Some of these tasks are simple up-keeps to keep your RV looking nice and feeling like home, while others are critical to the performance, safety, and reliability of the motor pushing you along the way. Here at Hot Shot’s Secret, we have recently released a full line of products just for your RV, to keep you rolling down the road worry-free.

RV Checklist: The Basics

Starting with the basics, one of the first things you should check before your next trip is the pressure in your tires. Make sure each tire is filled to the recommended PSI and check for any damage that might cause problems later. Next, give your batteries a check and make sure they are completely charged (and able to hold their charge). Batteries and their spares are an easy thing to check, but they are even easier to forget about. Your propane tanks are another item worth checking out. If you even think you may be getting low on gas, go ahead and get those tanks swapped out for full ones. There is nothing worse than running out of propane halfway through grilling up your juicy T-bone after a long day of driving.

Finally, make sure your generators are fueled up and working as they should. If you don’t plan on needing your generators, be sure to add a Hot Shot’s Secret Premium RV Gasoline Additive or Hot Shot’s Secret Premium RV Diesel Additive to help stabilize the fuel so they are ready for you in case you run into an emergency plus keep them running right.

Another thing to look into for protecting your home on wheels is the Hot Shot’s Secret RV Slide-out Lubricant that protects all types of RV Slide-out mechanisms from rust and corrosion to ensure a smooth quiet operation and extend the life of the slide-outs. None of these tasks should take more than five minutes, but they could ruin your trip if you do not check them out before you leave.

A few other quick checks to make sure you are ready for a trip would be to look over all appliances and make sure they are clean and functioning properly, secure all items inside your cupboards, and fill up your spare fuel tanks and treat with the RV fuel additives. Now that you have cleaned the inside, packed all your belongings and completed your walk around, you are ready to hit the open road. But, have you thought about what needs to be done to your motor? After all, without it you will not be getting very far anytime soon. Let’s review an easy process you should not only consider before every trip but should follow closely all year long to ensure your motor remains the way it was when you drove it off the lot.


Maintaining Your RV Motor

The first step in this process is to take care of the dirty oil you have in the motor now. To begin this process, we recommend adding RV Engine Protector at your next oil change. This premium RV oil additive is formulated to improve the performance and reliability of RVs by safely cleaning engine components of stiction and other sludge that occurs inside RV engines. RV Engine Protector contains the patented FR3 Nano Lubricant that reduces friction and increases the oil’s film strength, resulting in a reduction in wear of up to 62%. Safe for gas or diesel engines, RV Engine Protector will improve hill-climbing performance, fuel economy and reduce lifter and valve noise. Then, consider upgrading your regular synthetic oil to a full PAO synthetic oil like Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond. This top tier oil offers huge benefits in anti-wear, fuel economy, power and more over a regular synthetic oil to protect your home on wheels.


What Oil Should You Use in Your RV?

Now the oil side of your motor is taken care of, finish it off by cleaning up and treating the fuel side with either the gas or diesel versions of our Premium RV Fuel Additives next time you fill your tank. This step is by no means vital in getting you from A to B, but has great benefits and will save you money in fuel cost. Doesn’t that sound like a no brainer?


Fuel Additives to Use In Your RV

Premium RV Diesel Additive is a multi-functional fuel additive for diesel powered RVs. It significantly upgrades performance, power and fuel economy by improving the fuel’s cetane and lubricity properties. It also stabilizes fuel for long term storage for up to one year, use in any engine including generators. This product boosts cetane up to 5 points, enhances lubricity of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and cleans and maintains fuel injectors. With use, Premium RV Diesel Additive improves hill-climbing performance and fuel economy up to 3%.

Premium RV Gasoline Additive is a multi-functional fuel additive for gasoline powered RVs and generators and contains the strongest fuel injector cleaner available. RV Premium Gasoline improves the fuel economy and power of gasoline RVs by cleaning the entire fuel system; effectively removing combustion chamber and intake valve deposits. With use, this product will increase fuel economy up to 5%. RV Premium Gasoline also lubricates and stabilizes gasoline for long term storage and protection for your engines.

You should also check your transmission to make sure you can shift gears properly and keep in humming smoothly. Transmission is one of the most expensive things to repair or replace, so we need to take care of them. Protect your home on wheels with RV Transmission Protector, a unique RV transmission additive that contains lubricity and cleaning agents formulated to combat issues associated with today’s RV transmissions, such as poor/inconsistent shift quality, rough operation and burning transmission fluid.


Hot Shot’s Secret Has Your RV Covered

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of your next adventure that you forget to take care of things before you get on your way. However, the little bit of extra time and effort it takes to properly prepare is far worth it when you consider the issues you may have if you don’t. It’s nice to have things all organized and put together inside, and it’s great to look clean and shiny going down the road, but at the end of the day, it’s the way you prepare your home on wheels that makes the difference.