What Are Fuel Stabilizers?

What Is A Fuel Stabilizer?
July 1, 2023

Fuel is one of the most important mixtures for a car, truck or SUV. Liquid fuels like gasoline and diesel provide power for acceleration, but only when they are in usable condition.

Oxidation degrades gasoline and diesel fuels. Fortunately, the solution is straightforward — adding stabilizers to your vehicle’s tank will do the trick.

The Value of Fuel Quality and Maintenance

Taking care of your vehicles or machines should involve treating the fuel tank. Using solutions like a fuel stabilizer has the potential to prevent tanks from corroding prematurely as a result of fuel degradation.

It takes about 30 days for gasoline to degrade. Once this occurs, connections running from the tank can get clogged to the point that startups are rough or impossible to perform. The key to keeping your automobiles and other machines running between usage is to incorporate stabilizers into the mixture.


What Are Fuel Stabilizers, and What Do They Do?

Fuel stabilizers act as a protective shield for liquid fuels. Stabilizers are liquids you can add directly to your gas or diesel tank to bond with the fuel mixture to stop the process of oxidation from taking place within the tank. As a result, you avoid unwanted resins in fuel injectors and carburetors.

The best fuel stabilizers on the market are produced from petroleum-based products. These solutions consist of antioxidants and special lubricants intended to fend off moisture and gummy deposits. It’s important to note that there are different types of fuel stabilizers available for automobiles — select products are intended for long-term vehicle storage or winterization, while others are suitable for protecting fuel for a few weeks.


Benefits of Using Fuel Stabilizers

Extending your diesel or gasoline’s life has many advantages. Fuel stabilizers:

  • Slow the process of fuel degradation.
  • Prolong the shelf-life of fuel in storage.
  • Protect against unwanted residues and corrosion.
  • Enhance engine performance and dependability.
  • Save money by reducing fuel system repairs.


When to Use Fuel Stabilizers for Your Vehicle

You might purchase fuel stabilizers for cars, trucks, SUVs or equipment in several scenarios.

Extended Fuel Storage 

If you’re a driver who uses vehicles for special occasions, fuel stabilizers are an excellent option for storage. You might consider fuel stabilizers for investments like vintage sports that come out of the garage for parades or special meetings with enthusiasts.

Seasonal Equipment or Vehicle Storage

You may use certain tools or vehicles during the spring and summer. When you still have fuel in the tank when the temperatures drop, adding the correct amount of fuel stabilizers to your investments will help them bounce back between seasons with clean starts.

Infrequent Use of Machinery or Vehicles

Unsure how often you’ll use outdoor tools or vehicles this season? Fuel stabilizers are useful for equipment like mowers, snowmobiles, snowblowers, ATVs and watercraft.

Emergency Preparedness

Keeping tools like backup generators ready for action means fuel must be accessible. Generators often sit for prolonged periods of time just to be used when the power goes down unexpectedly. Give your emergency preparedness equipment the best chance of completing smooth startups when you need it.


How to Use Fuel Stabilizers

There are a few key points to consider when choosing stabilizers and deciding how often to use them. Not all mixtures are created the same, so it is crucial you read the manufacturer’s instructions on correct dosing methods. The general steps for using fuel stabilizers are:

  1. Review the product instructions.
  2. Ensure your vehicle’s fuel tank is close to empty.
  3. Measure the right amount of fuel stabilizer according to the manufacturer.
  4. Visit a refueling station and fill your tank with fuel.
  5. Let your engine run for about 10 minutes to allow the fuel stabilizer to circulate.

About Dosage and Mixing Ratios

Dosing and mixing ratios for fuel stabilizers change based on the type of fuel you’re using, the engine your vehicle has and the product you purchase for treatment. Consult fuel stabilizer dosing instructions to add the correct amount of solution to the fuel tank. Fuel stabilizers are sold in ounces, quarts and gallons.

Considerations for Different Fuel Types

It’s vital to select a fuel stabilizer mixture compatible with your vehicle’s fuel type. For example, some stabilizers are only suitable for gasoline or diesel, but some are appropriate for multiple fuel categories, including gasoline, diesel and ethanol blends.

The length of time you’ll store your equipment or vehicle is worth mentioning, too. Each product’s details will include how long the stabilizer can preserve your fuel. Verify that a product will meet your needs prior to use. If your equipment or vehicle will sit in storage during the cold months, make sure you choose a fuel stabilizer with lubrication capabilities.


Choosing the Right Fuel Stabilizer

Picking a fuel stabilizer is straightforward when you keep these topics in mind.

Fuel Stabilizer Capabilities

Understanding what you’re looking for in a fuel stabilizer narrows down your options. Consider the season and duration you’ll store your vehicle for to choose a stabilizer with the best capabilities for your needs. If temperatures are mild, you may need a different solution than you would when they dip below freezing.

Compatibility With Fuel Types and Equipment

Decide on a fuel stabilizer that supports your vehicle engine specifications. Many fuel stabilizer manufacturers mention the types of machines, tools and vehicles a product is made for.

Quality and Brand Reputation

Always go with a fuel stabilizer solution produced by a credible brand. This quality assurance gives you the results you’re hoping for when you take your equipment out of storage and perform a startup.

Reviews and Recommendations From Experts

See what others are saying about a fuel stabilizer and brand. Hearing success stories and opinions from fellow do-it-yourself enthusiasts can help you make an informed decision. Visiting company websites for further details about fuel stabilizers is also a great way to make an informed choice.


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