Hot Shot’s Secret® Announces New AutoZone® Distribution of Top Selling Performance Additives

March 5, 2024

Mt Gilead, OH, (March 5, 2024) – A greatly expanded Hot Shot’s Secret® product line is now available at AutoZone®, the nation’s largest automotive aftermarket retailer. Nationwide AutoZone will now carry Stiction Eliminator® (16 oz.), Diesel Extreme® (16 oz.), and Everyday Diesel Treatment® (4 oz.); all top-selling high-performance additives. Select stores, mostly in northern locations, will also carry 16 oz. bottles of EDT+ Winter Defense® in the measurable dosage bottle.

Hot Shot’s Secret Brand Manager, Josh Steinmetz says, “Getting expanded shelf space is a challenge, especially in this category. We are excited to be able to offer smaller-sized options for our top three sellers, EDT, Diesel Extreme, and Stiction Eliminator. These smaller sizes are the right size for many applications and allow first-time buyers an economical option. We thank AutoZone for their support in allowing us the opportunity to offer these new sizes and to add EDT+ Winter Defense for sell to their great customer base.”

In addition, AutoZone continues to carry the 64 oz. bottle of Stiction Eliminator, 32 oz. bottle of Diesel Extreme, the 16 oz. bottle of FR3 and the 16 oz. squeeze bottle of Everyday Diesel Treatment.

Stiction Eliminator is the top-selling oil treatment for gasoline and diesel engines and is engineered to remove stiction, sludge, and varnish while keeping the engine and components fully lubricated for maximum performance.

Diesel Extreme is a concentrated injector cleaner and cetane booster. With one dose, Diesel Extreme effectively removes internal diesel injector (IDID) deposits that can hinder performance while adding a boost to cetane for improved mileage and reducing DPF regen cycles.

EDT is the top-selling diesel treatment in the USA. This concentrated six-in-one diesel additive resolves issues with ULSD fuel by improving fuel economy, power, and performance while adding fuel system protection with the most lubricity available in fuel additives. Boosts cetane by 7 points and increases lubricity up to 26%.

EDT+ Winter Defense has all the properties of EDT with the addition of anti-gel properties to prevent diesel fuel from gelling and icing. This powerful diesel treatment reduces fuel line freeze-ups and adds cold filter plugging point (CFPP) protection as low as -64° F and was selected for a MOTOR Magazine Top 20 Award in 2023.

For more information about where to find Hot Shot’s Secret products at AutoZone and other retailers and dealers, visit this online store locator.

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