Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Nano Precision CLP Gun Oil

October 18, 2021

Mt Gilead, OH, (October 14, 2021) – Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret fuel and oil additives and specialty oils used by top race teams and owner-operators, now introduces for gun enthusiasts Nano Precision CLP gun oil. Nano Precision CLP was developed after years of dedicated research to effectively Clean, Lubricate and Protect firearms in all environments – even under the harshest conditions that include rain, humidity, dust and more. The unique nano carbon lubricant in Nano Precision CLP reduces heat and friction and provides long lasting lubrication for smooth action of all moving parts. Regardless of the size or use of the firearm, Nano Precision CLP provides a superior level of heat and wear reduction for all firing conditions. Whether the firearm is for personal protection, military use, hunting or collecting, Nano Precision CLP will help ensure a smooth action for reliable performance. As a one-step cleaner, it quickly removes lead fouling, carbon buildup, copper, dirt and other contaminants and adds a layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

Manufactured from a PAO synthetic oil, Nano Precision CLP provides complete protection of metals and other surface materials. The patented nano technology allows the oil to more effectively adhere to the microscopic irregularities found on the surface of metal to ensure a smooth surface for the lubricating film to form. The added nano-lubricant also provides excellent burn-off and heat resistance. Nano Precision CLP provides maximum protection against rust, corrosion, powder and grime buildup and is freeze resistant down to -50°F. It is excellent for triggers, slides, actions, cam and idler wheels, axles, roller guards, rests and more.

Brett Tennar, president of Lubrication Specialties Inc., says “After reviewing all competitors on the market, the decision to enter this specialized and competitive market was not made easily. We decided to pull the trigger because we knew that our expertise in the automotive market could be utilized to develop a superior product for firearms.”

Kyle Fischer, LSI Director of Branding and Promotions, adds, “When we first entered the race market there were skeptics, and now there are die-hard believers in our nano carbon technology. It is proven on the dyno and racetrack, and I believe as gun owners use this product the word will quickly spread. Entering this market was not taken lightly. It is highly competitive with players that have great brand recognition, but we feel that in a short time, Nano Precision CLP will be in high demand.”

Nano Precision CLP is recommended for use on all metals, composites and even wood. It cleans, lubricates, and effectively protects any component of the firearm and can even be used on hunting bows.  It is available for purchase now at in one of four convenient sizes – 4 oz. with a needle applicator, 4 oz. squeeze bottle, 8 oz. squeeze bottle or 16 oz. pump container for refills.

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