Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Gasoline Extreme

December 19, 2018

Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner Improves Performance and MPG

Hot Shot’s Secret is widely recognized for their full band of performance additives for diesels including Diesel Extreme – a powerful cleaner developed to improve fuel economy, combustion and ignition efficiency for any diesel powered engine. Now, Hot Shot’s Secret introduces Gasoline Extreme – a powerful new fuel system cleaner developed specifically for gas powered vehicles. Like the Diesel Extreme fuel additive, Gasoline Extreme is a 100% synthetic cleaner that both cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, valves, pumps, rings, pistons and upper cylinders resulting in a smoother idle, quieter operation and improved overall performance and fuel economy.

With one application, this concentrated formula has been proven by third party testing to increase fuel economy up to 7.9%. Simply use one 12 oz. bottle per 15 gallons of gasoline to fully restore performance, power and fuel mileage, then maintain with the same application every 10,000 miles.

Hot Shot’s Secret first entered the market with Stiction Eliminator as a way to clean and correct lubricity issues related to the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L fuel injectors. Stiction Eliminator is now one of the top selling oil additives on the market. Gasoline Extreme is a concentrated gasoline fuel additive that stabilizes ethanol and dissolves the gum and varnish that rob power from vehicles. Fully formulated with a strong detergent and lubricity additive package, it both cleans and lubricates important components of the fuel system and removes combustion chamber deposits for maximum performance and efficiency for all age, make and model gasoline powered vehicles.