Introducing ADRENALINE Racing Transmission Fluid & Gear Oil

February 26, 2019

Developed for Exceptional Performance and Protection of High Load Race Applications

Hot Shot’s Secret, a leading brand of performance fuel and oil additives and manufacturer of Adrenaline Racing Oil, has broadened its Adrenaline Racing product line to include Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids (available in Multi-Vehicle ATF and Nano Shift) and Adrenaline Racing Gear Oils (available in R9, R11 and R14). Both the new transmission oils and gear oils were developed to improve protection and performance for high load/high torque race applications.

Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Gear Oil lowers operating temperature, reduces wear and shearing and improves oxidation stability, and is available in three viscosities: Adrenaline R9 (75W-90), Adrenaline R11 (80W – 110) and Adrenaline R14 (85W-140). Adrenaline R9, R11 and R14 Gear Oils are all based on 100% Group IV polyalphaolefins (PAO) and high quality Group V synthetic oils infused with FR3 nano technology to reduce wear and shearing. This patented formula provides a boundary layer of protection that improves film strength, improves thermal stability and reduces friction for added protection against varnish and sludge deposits; while allowing for extended drain intervals.

Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids, ATF and NS, are for use in automatic transmissions coupled with high horsepower, high torque engines where heavy loads place a greater demand on transmissions. With increased oxidation resistance, improved thermal stability deposit and sludge prevention, Adrenaline ATF and NS improves horsepower up to 3% and protects against wear under extreme heat with longer drain intervals. Added thermal stability assists energy efficiency for improved shifting response. Both racing transmission fluids are 100% Group IV PAO synthetic fluids infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s patented FR3 nano technology and a specially formulated additive package. FR3 is a friction reducer with oxidative benefits that delivers long lasting wear protection under extreme pressure. The extreme pressure additive package removes varnish and sludge for maximum wear protection of clutches, bearings and bushings under extreme pressure. Adrenaline NS is formulated for high horsepower racing applications that require Ford Type F fluid, Allison C-4 fluid or extreme horsepower levels, while the Adrenaline ATF meets the high-performance requirements of numerous applications including Dexron VI, Mercon and more.

Following the successful launch of Hot Shot’s Secret’s Adrenaline Racing Motor Oils last season, Hot Shot’s Secret worked all year to formulate and test this new line of Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils along with the help of Firepunk Diesel in the team’s record-breaking trucks during the 2018 season.