Hot Shot’s Secret® Develops Premium Universal Tractor Trans-Hydraulic Fluid – Gold Diamond™ Select Trans-Hydraulic Fluid with FR3®

May 21, 2024

Mt Gilead, OH, (May 21, 2024) – Hot Shot’s Secret®, the fastest-growing automotive performance lubricant brand in the USA, now offers a premium universal trans-hydraulic fluid for agricultural and construction markets designed to provide a high level of protection for high-torque heavy loaded gears, bearings and hydraulic pumps. Applicable for most ag and construction equipment including tractors, combines, tillage equipment, and more, Gold Diamond™ Select Premium Trans-Hydraulic Fluid is uniquely formulated with a proprietary additive package and infused with FR3® Nano Technology to provide outstanding wear protection, up to 20% better than leading competitive brands. Gold Diamond Select provides much improved wet clutch performance by providing proper friction for wet brakes and clutches, reducing slippage wear and chatter, and promoting high braking capacity. Formulated in the USA from globally sourced components, the advanced additive package keeps your system free of sludge and clogs and provides robust protection against rust and corrosion for long-lasting use.
Hot Shot’s Secret Brand Manager, Josh Steinmetz, says, “When we looked at what was on the market from Case and John Deere, we had a high bar to reach, especially in wear protection and reduction of rust and corrosion. Our R&D was challenged to develop a premium product that would provide serious wear protection without compromising shifting and braking and provide the best protection against rust and corrosion of anything on the market. This product exceeds all the marks.”
Gold Diamond Select Premium Universal Trans-Hydraulic Fluid meets many manufacturers’ specifications, including John Deere J-20C, Case Hytrans, ISO 46 and many others. This fluid can also be used where AW46 hydraulic fluid is required and is available now in a five-gallon container. Additionally, bulk sizes are available only to authorized Hot Shot’s Secret dealers.
Steinmetz adds, “Farm equipment is used in tough environments and downtime is not an option during critical planting and harvest seasons. This premium trans-hydraulic fluid protects in the field or in storage, providing reduced wear, corrosion production, and improved performance to expensive equipment.”
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