Introducing Adrenaline® RTL™ Racing Top Lube Fuel Additive

December 7, 2023

Mt Gilead, OH, (December 7, 2023) – Hot Shot’s Secret®, the fastest growing performance lubricant brand in the USA, announces a new addition to their Adrenaline racing line – Adrenaline® Racing Top Lube (RTL™).

As with all the company’s racing line, Hot Shot’s Secret worked with racers, engine builders and race teams to develop a top tier lubricating additive that would 100% blend with all race fuels, greatly reduce wear on valves & valve seats and provide the ultimate protection for pistons, rings, and cylinders. RTL blends 100% with all race fuels including methanol, ethanol including E85, gasoline, diesel and nitromethane race fuel, Adrenaline Racing Top Lube replaces lubrication lost by wash or dry fuels up to 55% better than a leading competitor.

Adrenaline RTL Racing Top Lube is now available for all high horsepower, high performance applications and is the official top lube product for Out Front Race Fuels where it is now being infused into all the company’s ethanol race fuel product for maximum protection of the entire fuel system including upper cylinders, pistons and rings.

While safe for use in all engines including with O2 sensors and emissions systems, it is specifically formulated for dry, low lubricity race fuel that can cause unnecessary wear and scuffing to the upper cylinder or a premature failure of fuel system components.

Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Events & Partnerships, Kyle Fischer, says, “We had to get this product right. From day one, race teams have been asking me when we are going to introduce a top lube. They are using our Adrenaline Racing engine oils, transmission fluids and gear oils and our FR3 Friction Reducer, but a top lube was missing and so crucial to add to our racing line. Thankfully, our R&D had something up their sleeve and we couldn’t be more excited to have it available this race season.”

Adrenaline Racing Top Lube is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced raw materials and is available in either a 16 oz. round or 16 oz. measurable squeeze bottle or can be purchased in bulk by fuel companies specializing in manufacturing race fuel to develop specialty fuel blends.

For more information about this product including treatment information or where to purchase, visit or visit Hot Shot’s Secret at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis this week at booth #4005.

This highly effective racing top lube product is also now available through Hot Shot’s Secret’s extensive independent dealer network. To find a dealer that carries the Adrenaline Racing product line, or to speak to a highly qualified technician on any Hot Shot’s Secret product, call 800.341.6516. Keep up with the latest Hot Shot’s Secret company and product news on Facebook and Instagram, or by following #hotshotsecret.