Sponsored Ultimate Callout Challenge Competitors Fill the 2022 Podium

June 20, 2022

Mt Gilead, OH, (June 17, 2022) – Hot Shot’s Secret, the fastest-growing high-performance lubricant brand in the USA, congratulates Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored racer, Justin Zeigler, for his recent Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) championship. The Amsoil Ultimate Callout Challenge continues to set new records and has become the premier event for diesel competition in the USA for 1/8 mile drag, dyno and sled pull competition.

The three-day event, in which Hot Shot’s Secret is the sled pull title sponsor, event gold sponsor and the official fuel additive, pits 15 top competitors in a three-way points battle at the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park. This year, like last, Justin Zeigler of Zeigler Diesel Performance faced tough competition and was named the overall winner again by acquiring 2723.595 total points making him a back-to-back UCC champion. Derek Rose of DNR Customs came in second with 2648.045 points and Tony Burkhard of Dirty Hooker Diesel finished third with 2483.812 points. All three race teams secured their standing at UCC with the backing of Hot Shot’s Secret products including Adrenaline R-Series Racing oils and fuel additives.

The Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored top three trio finished day one drag racing and were the only three competitors making a pass under 5 seconds. Derek Rose had the top drag race result with a 4.737 time and scored 952.600 points. Tony Burkhard’s son and driver Tyler Burkhard came in second with a time of 4.96 and 908 points, while Justin Zeigler finished third with a 4.997 pass earning 900.600 points. But all eyes were on the day two dyno competition as there were big expectations of seeing a 3000+ HP dyno pull this year. It was Justin Zeigler who rose to the occasion as the last competitor of the day when he crushed all records with a stunning dyno pull of 3336.1 HP, more than 700 HP more than the closest competitor, achieving an overall score of 1,073.585 points and shocking all who were in attendance.

Previously, the entire competition was performed by one truck. However, in 2022, a team of two trucks could be used for the challenge. Each team had the choice to either use the same truck for all three events or split the events between a two-truck team, with many competitors opting to bring in a dedicated pulling truck for the final day of competition. The day three sled pulls sponsored by Hot Shot’s Secret took center stage and the teams of Justin, Derek and Tony came in fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively, securing the points needed for a clean sweep of the top three overall UCC competitors.

Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Branding & Promotions, says, “I can’t tell you how honored we are to work with the best teams in diesel motorsports. I was so excited to see Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored teams finish in UCC’s top three overall spots. Congratulations to Justin Zeigler and the team at Zeigler Diesel Performance, Derek Rose and the DNR Customs team, and Tony Burkhard and crew from Dirty Hooker Diesel! We are proud to play our part on these great race teams, and we appreciate their trust in us to protect their trucks with the best lubricants on the market. It is with these great relationships that we all benefit from when our products are tested at the most extreme levels of performance – and Justin’s unforgettable six pounds of nitrous-packed 3000+ HP dyno pull certainly was a successful test for our Adrenaline Racing Oil, as he drove the truck back on the trailer without changing oil all weekend.”

“This year, as with every year at UCC, records have been broken,” says Chris Searle, UCC and DPI Expo Director. “The most significant was Justin’s dyno pull that ousted Derek Rose’s pull by 700 HP. Five years ago, we were pulling in the nines on the track and now it is in the fours. Last year, if you recall, Larson Miller with Firepunk Diesel, became the first to make a 3-second pass at Lights Out 12 in Georgia. It’s incredible how much progress diesel is making year-to-year and the fans are eating it up. We want to thank Hot Shot’s Secret and all our sponsors, the competitors, and fans. Without all of them, we could not keep growing year-after-year.”

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