Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Spray & Stay Grease

March 17, 2020

Ever spray on a lubricant only to see it drip and create a mess? Hot Shot’s Secret Spray & Stay Grease now offers a handy solution. Spray & Stay Grease is an aerosolized synthetic grease that can be sprayed on a variety surfaces, including metal, paint, rubber and plastic, and will not drip or run. This anti-rust lubricant grease is ideal for home or commercial use to protect moving parts and machinery from sticking or binding. Its thick formula makes it easy to spray on vertical surfaces like doors without making a mess. Spray & Stay Grease provides long-lasting lubrication and protection while being resistant to water washout and will not dry out, gum on equipment, separate or bleed.

Potential home uses for this anti-rust lubricant grease include garage doors, sliding doors or hinges that squeak and garden and shop tools. For automotive, suggested uses include engine assemblies, gears, winches and axles. It is not harmful to plastic, rubber or painted surfaces. Spray & Stay Grease has an operating temperature range of -80° to 400°F and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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