What Is a Fuel Treatment?

February 20, 2023

What Is a Fuel Treatment?

Fuel treatments can transform the way your vehicle runs. You may not notice much at first, but over time, a good fuel treatment regimen can improve fuel efficiency, break down internal buildup and corrosion and increase your car’s power. In short, fuel treatments maximize vehicle performance, and if you aren’t using them, you’re losing out on power and money. 

In today’s economy, Hot Shot’s Secret thinks you should take advantage of every available way to save money on gasoline or diesel fuel. We’re here to show you why fuel treatments for your car should be in your arsenal of vehicle-saving solutions.


How Can Fuel Treatments Help Your Vehicle?

So, what does a fuel treatment do? Well, fuel treatments are additives for your car’s gas tank. The term is a catch-all that can refer to many types of additives designed to assist in processes like fuel efficiency, parts lubrication and fuel preservation.

Fuel treatments are especially valuable when discussing cars and vehicles that are in storage or don’t see much use. When you leave a car to sit, the fuel can degrade, causing rust and even engine concerns when you decide to drive it again. Using a fuel treatment before storing a car for a long time can keep the fuel from deteriorating and ensure it’s ready for use the next time you decide to break it out for a trade show or a beautiful summer cruise.

On the other hand, your high-use vehicles can benefit just as well from fuel treatments. The lubrication in most treatments prevents friction, resulting in fewer difficult starts and rough idles and providing an overall smoother performance. When you’re constantly on the move, these small changes can add up to significant savings in fuel economy and car maintenance.


Our Fuel Treatment Options

Of course, whenever you put something new into any of your car’s systems, you want to ensure the product is high-quality and will work without adversely your vehicle. At Hot Shot’s Secret, it’s our top priority to give you the most effective, best-rated fuel treatments on the market. Before we ever release a treatment for sale, it goes through an extensive three-step testing process involving:

  1. Undergoing thorough examinations in our world-class science lab
  2. Dynamometer testing with third-party field experts
  3. Real-world testing with trustworthy clients

We ensure ingredient superiority for fine-tuning diesel and gas-powered engines alike. We stick to our roots through our Ohio-based headquarters, and everything we make caters to our common goal of giving you what you need to minimize costs, avoid vehicle downtime and preserve an excellent piece of property.

Whether you use a fuel treatment once or as often as possible, you can expect to see some benefits for your engine. We offer a range of treatments so you can find the ones that work best for your vehicle depending on the enhancements you’re trying to make and the time of year when you do it. Explore the options we have developed for your diesel or gasoline vehicle below.


Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Fuel Treatments 

From the beginning, Hot Shot’s Secret has specialized in offering science-backed solutions for diesel-powered engines. Today, we’re proud to offer an extensive collection of diesel fuel treatments to cater to however you use your engine. Each of them delivers several benefits, and you can use them every time you refill your diesel tank. 

  • Everyday Diesel Treatment: This six-in-one treatment is perfect for enhancing your vehicle’s performance. It combats the glycerides found in most biodiesel fuels and neutralizes them. It includes ingredients that can improve cetane, lubricate, disperse water, inhibit rust and corrosion, clean the injector and stabilize the fuel.
  • Diesel Extreme: Our top-tier treatment will take your performance to the next level. Diesel Extreme is a concentrated cleaner that removes external and internal diesel injector deposits. In it, you’ll also find additives for boosting cetane, stabilizing fuel and water demulsification.
  • Diesel Winter Rescue: When the weather starts looking frightful, Diesel Winter Rescue is on the job. It will de-gel your diesel and de-ice essential filters so you can keep moving even when it seems like the rest of the world has come to a freezing halt.
  • Diesel Winter Anti-Gel: The Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is a step up from our Everyday Diesel Treatment, with an added boost of cetane to improve cold-weather startups. That makes it a seven-in-one solution that targets every part of your fuel system for full-body enhancement.
  • LX4 Lubricity Extreme: Whatever quality of fuel you add to your diesel vehicle, LX4 Lubricity Extreme will help you achieve and exceed basic OEM requirements. This fuel additive targets the fuel itself to build on its quality and keep it from wearing down, corroding or rusting those essential parts in your tank. 


Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Fuel Treatments

While our specialty may be diesel, we always remember fuel treatments for the gasoline car, too. If your everyday vehicle needs a tune-up, add one of these treatments to your fuel tank every 6,000 to 10,000 miles and experience enhanced operation and fuel performance.

  • LX4 Lubricity Extreme: This product is our favorite because you can use it on diesel and gas vehicles! If you keep both kinds of cars on hand, LX4 is a must-have to ensure every engine under your power has the stamina to keep you moving at all times.
  • Gasoline Extreme: This treatment focuses on lubrication and deposit reduction. It can improve fuel flow through the intake valve, combustion chamber and the rest of the fuel system, powering up your car to the max while using your fuel in the most efficient way possible.


Bring Us Your Questions Before Buying

Fuel treatments are a concept very few car owners truly understand. Part of our mission at Hot Shot’s Secret is to give our customers the insight they deserve to keep their vehicles performing at their best for as long as possible. We want you to understand what fuel treatments are and what they do, as this can be a crucial aspect in overall vehicle health. With that in mind, our team is constantly standing by to answer your fuel-burning questions.

If you’re ready to learn more about our fuel treatment options or any of our other products, contact us online or at 800-341-6516. We’ll help you determine the best gas treatments for your car. Or, if you think you already know, place an order today! We boast the best money-back guarantee in the industry, so there’s no risk to trying things out yourself. If it doesn’t work the way you want, just let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

Not treating your car with high-quality additives can cost you thousands of dollars in maintenance and replacements — not to mention the time and money lost while you wait for it to get fixed. Learn the secrets to success by shopping with Hot Shot’s Secret today.