How to pick a gasoline additive that works

August 27, 2021

Seeing your fuel mileage tumble, noticing a harder start up, and possibly even a rough idle are signs you need to visit the fuel injector cleaner aisle at your local auto parts store. Once you stroll down that aisle you instantly have a sensory overload with flashy colors, familiar and unfamiliar names, “guarantees”, and benefit claims. You’ll see spinoffs of those products, for “Performance”, “High Mileage”, and “Extra Power”. This can both be overwhelming and confusing as a consumer, what’s best for your vehicle? Are these just snake oil? What brands can I trust? Are they just all the same, but wrapped in a different blanket? There is no real direct answer to all those questions. However, most fuel injector cleaners do indeed work to some degree, but it’s usually minimal.

The reason most benefits are minimal, is that most fuel additives are made by the same chemical companies. Yes, that’s right, most of the trusted brands you see on the shelf are more than likely made to the same specs, by the same supplier. These brands will give the supplier a set of claims they would like to make, the supplier then creates a solution to meet those claims; no more, no less. So yes, most fuel additives will work to increase your fuel economy, but is it enough to really make a difference? Do they lubricate the fuel system as well? These are all questions you should ask yourself when looking for a product that’s going to go into your fuel system.

It is, of course, most important to choose an additive that claims a fix to the problem you are facing. However, when most products are making the same claims, how do you decide which is best? One option is to choose a product that serves multiple purposes, like cleans and boosts; but then, how do you know if that is all true. The best way to choose a fuel additive with confidence is to research the brand itself and discover which manufacturer spends the most time and money researching and developing their solutions. Hot Shot’s Secret takes a different approach to additive development with onsite testing and in-house research and development. We push to make the best additives on the market, not just good enough to make a claim. Many of our products take years to develop because of our efforts to make the very best and to push the limits of additive development.

Hot Shot’s Secret GASOLINE EXTREME benefits every aspect of the fuel system and goes above and beyond what other standard gasoline additives do. Not cutting corners in its development, GASOLINE EXTREME relies on the most effective detergent to separate its formula from the rest, like P.E.A., or polyether-amine, which is a potent detergent additive engineered to provide the deepest clean possible to a single tank of fuel. This fast-acting ingredient guarantees a noticeable difference in the performance of the engine. As a fully formulated gas additive, the concentrated cleaner removes combustion chamber and intake valve deposits, as well as cleans injectors, valves, pumps, rings and pistons. GASOLINE EXTREME also lubricates key components in the fuel system, including upper cylinders, while restoring fuel economy, power and performance.

And like all Hot Shot’s Secret products you can be confident in your purchase with our money back guarantee. So next time you’re thinking about adding a little pep to your fuel system’s step, first consider Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme.