Controlling Your Fuel Saves You Money

Controlling Your Fuel Saves You Money!
May 17, 2022

Investing in quality fuel protects your car and improves mileage

Pain at the Pump

Every day you drive past gas stations and watch the fuel prices tick upward. That is when a powerless feeling settles in knowing that you have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay sky high prices for the same fuel you paid significantly less for just weeks ago. Mentally, it is like spinning a roulette wheel…Do I buy now, check the next town, or wait with the hope the price will come down tomorrow? If we can’t control the cost of fuel, there has to be something we can control to help save some money at the pump. Of course you could lighten your foot on the accelerator or start turning off the car while you wait for your spouse or kids, or even rethink the tires on your truck. But what can we do today that can greatly reduce fuel consumption without having to change the way we drive?

If you can’t control the price of the fuel, but you can control the quality of fuel for improved mileage. Although there is no easy way to do that before it leaves the pump, there are ways to modify the quality of the fuel once it’s in your tank.

Benefits of a Quality Fuel Additive

If your vehicle requires diesel fuel you’re well aware that diesel fuel is considered the hotdog of fuels as it has greatly changed after Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel was required. Too, the specs can vary greatly from station to station. One station you could get fuel that runs great in your vehicle and down the road the next fill up your fuel economy could plummet. Utilizing consistently good quality fuel is key. Adding the right additive can help dramatically. Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT), a six-in-one fuel treatment that greatly improves the quality of your diesel fuel for consistent results. Boosting cetane up to 7 points, this cetane boost will give you the power you expect from a high quality fuel and provide a much cleaner fuel burn for better combustion. If you are concerned about regen cycles, using EDT consistently will require less frequent regeneration cycles, saving a significant amount of fuel over time. Additionally, EDT will lubricate the entire fuel system, stabilize your fuel, protect against rust and corrosion and significantly increase your fuel efficiency.

EDT Keeps Money In Your Pocket

With today’s fuel prices, even the smallest increase in fuel efficiency can mean more money in your pocket. Consider this; EDT has been shown to increase fuel efficiency by up to 7.3% in 3rd party testing. At about $20 per bottle and a suggested treatment rate of just 1oz for each 25 gallons of fuel, the cost per treatment comes in at $1.25 per treatment. For simple math’s sake, let’s assume a diesel pickup truck averages 15 mpg and has a 25-gallon fuel tank. Now let’s assume EDT was added to the fuel and a 5% increase in fuel efficiency yields an average of 15.75 mpg. Each tank would yield you an additional 18.75 miles. Even after including the cost per treatment of $1.25 for each tank, you will still save $4.70 by doing nothing more than adding a single ounce of EDT to your fuel tank with each trip to the pump.

Gasoline Extreme

Similar to the way Everyday Diesel Treatment benefits a diesel engine, Hot Shot’s Secret has you covered on gasoline powered engines as well with Gasoline Extreme. The blended benefits of stabilization, cleaning agents and lubricity enhancers, this product just makes sense for every gasoline vehicle on the road today paying today’s prices for fuel. We also put our (your) money where our mouth is, if you’re not satisfied with the results of using these fuel products we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked.

Control the things you can control, you’ve probably heard that advice before. It’s no different for fuel prices. While you can’t control the price of fuel, you do have the choice to control the quality and consistency of the fuel in your tank. By adding Hot Shot’s Secret fuel additives, EDT and Gasoline Extreme you can help get the most of that liquid gold you’re putting in your tank.