Hottest Products of 2020

January 31, 2021

As we turn the calendar on the first month of 2021 it is a good time to look back on 2020. It was certainly a year that no one could have predicted the challenges. For us, as a company it was challenging, but we came out of it even stronger. During the toughest of times, we started producing hand sanitizer to help with the need and to keep our lines busy. Although that demand has diminished, the demand for our products is at an all-time high. Thanks to your support, we look forward to continuing to push the bar, producing the best lubricant and additive products on the market.

The list of products below are not only top sellers, but also increased in popularity from 2019:

Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT)

If you have a diesel without a doubt you should be using EDT. It adds cetane, a water demulsifier, rust and corrosion inhibitor, injector cleaner and a fuel stabilizer. EDT also received the addition of LX4 Lubricity Extreme added to the formulation late in 2019, to bring lubricity levels to the highest in the industry. Lubricity is key in diesel engines for long life of the expensive fuel systems.

Gasoline Extreme

We were asked for years to make a gas additive. It took years to create the right formulation that made a real performance difference could it bear the name of Hot Shot’s Secret. The powerful injector cleaner works in just one tank, the best part is you only need to use one every 10,000 miles.

LX4 Lubricity Extreme

With the reliability issues with CP4 fuel pumps, we set out to keep them on the road. That underlying issue was lubricity. We understand that some people don’t want to add cetane and other things to their fuel, but understand the importance of lubricity. LX4 was made just for them. Using LX4 brings the lubricity back into the Engine Manufacturers Associations (EMA) recommendations.

Stiction Eliminator

Originally designed with the Ford Powerstroke 6.0 engine to fix injector issues, every engine can benefit from using Stiction Eliminator. It cleans any burnt oil inside the engine while adding wear protection with our patented FR3 nano carbon technology. Restoring the power and performance of your vehicle. Other benefits have included quieting noisy valvetrain and increased fuel economy. Have a turbo on your ride? Use Stiction Eliminator to keep your turbo running smooth.

Diesel Winter Anti-Gel

Basically, it’s EDT for winter use. After crushing the competition in a product comparison video by Project Farm in the fall of 2019, Diesel Winter Anti-Gel has been flying off our shelves. It really shined in the gelling and lubricity tests, watch the video to see it for yourself.

It was difficult to stop at just five, and more products are in the works currently. Now let us make the most of the new year. Keep your vehicle running like new with our preventive products. Maybe your vehicle is not running as it once was, try one of the products above. It is likely to help, if not you can always get your money back with our hassle-free guarantee. What products do you think will be on our list for the upcoming year?