Internal Diesel Injector Deposits: What are they?

Internal Diesel Injector Deposits IDIDs
August 14, 2020

What Are Internal Diesel Injector Deposits?

Hearing the words Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs) can strike fear in any diesel truck owner. They rob your truck of efficiency and power; causing you and your wallet to sweat. While you may think injector deposits have been around for years and can be cleaned up with a little fuel injector cleaner from the convenience store, IDIDs are completely different than your father’s injector deposits. The good ole’ boys club of injector cleaners will not remove IDIDs. The difference between IDIDs and regular injector deposits is IDIDs build up within the body of the injector, not just the tips of the injectors. This makes them harder to remove and cause problems within the injector leading to loss of power, fuel economy, timing of fuel delivery, and rough engine running. They can even get to the point where drivability of your vehicle is compromised.

Aaron D. Darnell, Hot Shot’s Secret Technical Director – Explains more about IDIDs


As efficiency requirements increased, tolerances became tighter for fuel injectors. These same requirements cause design features that lead to the problem of IDIDs, making it easier for contaminants to build up within the injector. So what do you do? Replace your injectors? This can be a scary proposition, replacing them knowing IDIDs are only going to appear again. Seems like an uphill battle, doesn’t it? However, there is a solution to your IDID problem: Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Fuel Additive.

Hot Shot’s Diesel Extreme is a powerful detergent that is added to your fuel tank, cleaning your entire fuel system. Diesel Extreme is strong enough to completely eliminate IDIDs from your injectors, restoring power and efficiency back to your truck. Diesel Extreme not only eliminates IDIDs, it also protects your fuel tank and system by coating it with a rust inhibitor. Along with cleaning and protecting your entire fuel system Diesel Extreme has a lubricity agent. This is important because Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel is very dry, which doesn’t allow the fuel system to function as it was designed to function. Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel causes corrosion on most metal parts it comes in contact with, making Diesel Extreme’s rust inhibitor all the more important.

How Often Should I Treat My Fuel System For IDIDs?

Treat your fuel system with Diesel Extreme twice a year or every 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Doing so gives your fuel system the cleaning it needs to eliminate and prevent IDID build up. Between deep cleanings from Diesel Extreme it’s recommended to treat your fuel system every fillup with Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) Fuel Additive. Doing so stabilizes the inconsistencies of today’s diesel fuel, adds a needed cetane boost, lubricates the fuel system, and gently cleans your fuel system and injector tips. Just remember IDIDs don’t have to be something that keeps you up at night, a treatment of Diesel Extreme is like going to the dentist and using Everyday Diesel Treatment at every fillup is like brushing your teeth. Both are critical in keeping your fuel system and injectors running healthy!

IDIDs are the hidden dangers lurking in fuel injectors, left untreated they will wreak havoc on your fuel system, overall engine power and efficiency. Due to the tight constraints of modern fuel injectors you’re almost guaranteed to have IDID build up in your fuel injectors if you haven’t treated your fuel system with Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme. Clean, protect, and lubricate your fuel system with the industry’s only proven additive to remove harmful IDIDs.