Do Oil and Fuel Additives Void Car Warranties?

Do Oil and Fuel Additives Void Car Warranties?
August 6, 2021

I just bought a new car/truck and I want it to last with no out of pocket maintenance fees and as little wear and tear as possible. I’d like to try Hot Shot’s Secret fuel and oil additives – would using Hot Shot’s Secret void my new car warranty?

Answer: No. All Hot Shot’s Secret products are guaranteed not to void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Do Fuel and Oil Additives Void Car Warranties?

In general, the proper use of reputable fuel and oil additives does not void car warranties. Hot Shot’s Secret understands why you might be concerned if your car dealer, unaware or misinformed about this legal matter, warned you that additives would void your vehicle’s warranty. However, under federal law, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) cannot void your warranty simply for using a product. Rather they must demonstrate that the damage they don’t want to cover was caused by use of that product. This consumer protection is afforded by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Defining the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the Act), passed by Congress in 1975, protects consumers from manufacturers who use unfair or misleading warranty disclaimers. To ensure compliance with the Act, manufacturers must use clear language and complete information to provide consumers with detailed information about warranty coverage. The Act also forbids OEMs from voiding warranties unless otherwise allowed.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) governs the interpretation of the Act (see their interpretation guide here). The FTC requires OEMs provide warranty coverage to consumers who use third party parts/services. The OEM is only able to “disclaim [read void] warranty coverage for defects or damage caused by the use of parts or service [the OEM] didn’t provide.”¹ This means an automobile manufacturer cannot void your warranty for using fuel or oil additives unless they prove actual damage was caused to the vehicle due to the use of those products. Manufacturers try to discourage additives because the test required to verify their claim of actual damage costs around $1,500,000 for diesel engines and $500,000 for gasoline engines.

Addressing Concerns About Additives and Car Warranties

Because the Magnuson Moss act allows OEMs to reject warranty claims for damage caused by third party parts and services, you may still have concerns about using an additive. But when properly used a quality additive like HOT SHOTS SECRET® brand products, cannot harm your vehicle because they clean out the gunk harming your engine, provide extra lubrication to protect against wear and often provide further protections against water and rust.

When properly used a quality additive like HOT SHOTS SECRET

Oil additives protect the engine, decrease engine heat, increase fuel economy, and provide other benefits to your vehicle. At Hot Shot’s Secret, we provide the best oil additives in the industry, covered by an ironclad money-back guarantee. We offer products like The Original STICTION ELIMINATOR to clean and protect your engine as well as FR3 FRICTION REDUCER to protect its components by reducing friction and wear.

The use of fuel additives also extends the life of your vehicle. Gasoline and diesel fuel additives maximize the fuel in your vehicle to burn more efficiently, which in turn increases fuel economy. GASOLINE EXTREME is a concentrated cleaner for your injectors, valves, pumps, rings, pistons and is powerful enough to that remove combustion chamber and intake valve deposits. Hot Shot’s Secret also offers many fully-formulated products to improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle including DIESEL EXTREME, a powerful injector cleaner and cetane booster. At every fill-up using EVERYDAY DIESEL TREATMENT (EDT) 6-in-1 fuel additive will benefit any diesel engine because it boosts cetane, increases fuel economy, increases fuel lubricity, cleans injectors, inhibits rust, demulsifies water, and stabilizes fuel for long-term storage. EDT turns every fill-up into “premium” diesel, improving fuel quaility while deducing DPF regeneration cycles.

So What Does Void a Car Warranty?

    The majority of voided warranties stem from a handful of common causes, including the following:

  • Vehicle Misuse: Off-roading or racing can cause damage to vehicles not designed for such use.
  • Totaled Vehicles: Salvage titles indicate extensive damage after a severe accident.
  • Severe Weather Damage: Fires, floods, and other natural disasters often result in a voided warranty.
  • Improper After-Market Alterations: Improperly installed, removed, or non-compatible parts which have caused actual damage to the vehicle.
    • Here are a few steps you can take to help avoid warranty issues:

Here are a few steps you can take to help avoid warranty issues

  • Read Your Warranty: If you take the time to review the document in detail, clear specifications will outline what is covered under the warranty and what voids it.
  • Service Your Car: If you avoid routine maintenance and necessary repairs on your vehicle, any visible long-term damage will void the warranty.
  • Keep Your Receipts: By keeping a record of any warranty-related work, maintenance, or service, you have proof that mechanics handled the vehicle and that you made an effort to treat it well.

Reach Out to Hot Shot’s Secret to Learn More About Oil Additives and Car Warranties

All Hot Shot’s Secret fuel and oil additives are safe and effective. We back our products with science to improve performance and fuel economy. Most importantly, we proudly guarantee that our additives will not void your car’s engine or drivetrain warranties.

Feel free to contact us and speak to one of our automotive experts. We can provide insight into your lubricant and additive needs. If you are ready to make a purchase, review our products today.

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