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Diesel Extreme

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Concentrated Injector Cleaner & Cetane Booster
DIESEL EXTREME is a fully formulated, concentrated cleaner that removes all internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs) including waxy and polymeric deposits. In addition, DIESEL EXTREME contains a top tier level of cetane booster, lubricity additive, and fuel stabilizer to provide maximum performance while cleaning the fuel system.

Diesel Extreme named Best Diesel Additive by Motortrend


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Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is a premium 6-in-1 diesel additive, containing the most concentrated detergent formula on the market. Diesel Extreme fuel additive is formulated to resolve issues related to Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel and greatly improve your truck’s performance and fuel economy.

Engineered with specific detergents, Diesel Extreme will safely remove and prevent Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID’s) and other forms of varnish and deposits that cause scaring and wear, which leads to premature failure of fuel system components, including fuel pumps and injectors. Diesel Extreme fuel additive also includes a powerful cetane improver, improving your diesel fuel’s cetane rating by seven points, to improve combustibility, horsepower and fuel economy. By improving combustibility, this diesel fuel treatment reduces the number of diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration cycles that are needed. Diesel Extreme also contains a lubricity enhancer to further reduce wear, a water dispersant, rust and corrosion inhibitors and a fuel stabilizer.

Diesel Extreme fuel additive will improve your diesel’s fuel economy, increase horsepower, clean injectors, improves cold starts, eliminate excessive black smoke and improve reliability. This diesel cleaner additive is recommended for use in all diesel engines.

This diesel fuel cleaner product is safe for all emissions equipment.

  • 100% SATISFACTION or your money back
  • GUARANTEED not to void your manufacturer’s warranty
  • WARNING: Cancer –

Treat Ratio:
2 quarts treat 160 gallons of diesel fuel.
1 quart treats 80 gallons of diesel fuel.
16 oz. bottle treats 40 gallons of diesel fuel.

Recommended Frequency:
Use one treatment of Diesel Extreme every 6000 miles.


Diesel Extreme is extremely effective in middle distillate fuels to improve combustion and ignition efficiency, enhance fuel economy and maintain fuel in a clean, stabilized condition. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is safe in all diesel engines: semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, farm equipment and autos. Including but not limited to: Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, Saab, Volkswagen, and Audi.

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is formulated with specific detergents to safely remove and prevent Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID’s) and other forms of varnish and deposits. Not all diesel additives on the market will remove IDIDs, as a special detergent is needed.

In order to effectively improve your diesel’s fuel economy, horsepower and combustibility, your fuel system needs to be clean of deposits and run fuel with a high cetane rating. Diesel Extreme not only cleans exceptionally well, it also provides a powerful cetane boost of 7 points. This allows for the fuel to burn more efficiently, increasing performance while also reducing diesel particulate filter (DPF) regenerations. The lubricity additive in Diesel Extreme also increases your fuel’s lubricity, improving protection and reducing wear. This helps combat the ill-effects of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel.

Diesel Extreme is a fully-formulated 6-in-1 diesel additive that addresses both common and uncommon problems with diesel fuel, making sure your diesel is always running at peak performance.

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The Science

The introduction of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) coupled with today’s highly engineered fuel systems are creating new problems for diesel owners. Sulfur was a very good lubricant. The removal of sulfur causes all the moving parts in your fuel system to suffer. Waxy soap deposits that were soluble in higher sulfur content fuels are now being formed and are difficult to filter. Fuel systems incorporating High Pressure Common Rail Injectors operate at higher pressures which create high heat. This heat chemically changes the hydrocarbons in the fuel to longer chain hydrocarbons called asphaltenes, which can block fuel filters. The tolerances for the Common Rail injectors are very tight, sometimes around 1-3 microns. This means even small deposits can cause an injector to stick.

Several sources of sodium and calcium contamination occur from residual refinery salts, storage tanks, ship ballasts and biodiesel catalysts, to name a few. Dodecenyl succinic acid (DDS) and hexadecenyl succinic acid (HDS) are commonly found in certain pipeline corrosion inhibitors, refineries and aftermarket additive packages. When the contamination from the sodium or calcium reacts with the DDS or HDS, carboxylic salts are formed. These carboxylic salts have very low solubility in ULSD and are very difficult to filter. They end up depositing on the internals of your fuel injectors causing what are known as Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID’s).

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme was formulated to resolve these issues. Diesel Extreme is fully formulated with a powerful injector cleaner, cetane improver, neutral and sulfur free lubricity agent, water dispersant, rust and corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer. Diesel Extreme’s injector cleaner specifically cleans IDID’s as well as the original carbon coking External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID’s) and waxy soap deposits. Diesel Extreme’s powerful injector cleaner will also clean all components of your fuel system, including upper cylinders, fuel tank, fuel pumps and lines. The injector cleaner is also responsible for bringing asphaltenes and glycerides back into solution and preventing further asphaltenes and glycerides from forming.

With your diesel fuel void of carboxylic salts, waxy deposits, asphaltenes and glycerides in suspension, the problems with filter plugging and injector deposits are solved. DDS and HDS acids are neutralized by the injector cleaner to keep more carboxylic salts from forming. Independent testing has shown that power loss is restored up to 87% in the Peugeot CEC F98-08 DW-10 test with the keep clean level of injector cleaner found in Diesel Extreme. It also passes the ASTM D2068 Filter Blocking Test.

The Cetane levels found in diesel fuel in most states are around 42 to 45. The minimum required by ASTM D 975 is 40. Most diesel engines operate more efficiently with a fuel that has a cetane rating of 48 to 50. Fuels with higher cetane burn more efficiently and more completely than those with lower cetane ratings. Diesel Extreme contains a cetane improver that will raise your cetane number 7 points. There are many advantages to an increase cetane numbers. Cold starting is improved, and less black smoke is seen as a result of the improved combustion efficiency. Less hydrocarbons and particulate matter in your exhaust reduce the blocking of your Diesel Particulate Filter and using Diesel Extreme in your fuel has been shown to have 83% less DPF regenerations, saving you time and money. Increased cetane levels have also shown to improve fuel mileage and power. Fleet tests with Diesel Extreme have shown an improvement in fuel mileage up to 7.3% due to the combination of our injector cleaner and cetane improver. This combination is also responsible for restored throttle response.

Diesel Extreme contains a neutral lubricity additive for fuel pump and injectors that has a proven a wear scar reduction of 60µm in ASTM D6079 test. A Military grade non-alcohol-based water dispersant lowers the freeze point of water in fuel over 32°F over competitors water dispersants. With the condensed water in the fuel removed, the major cause of rust, icing in cold weather and the growth of microorganisms in warm weather is inhibited. Diesel Extreme also contains a package that inhibits rust and corrosion in the tank and lines and has a NACE corrosion test rating of A. To round out the package, a specialty fuel stabilizer was chosen that contains anti-oxidants, metal deactivators and dispersants.

Official OSU Test Results »

Reducing the need to perform regeneration cycles: City of Columbus, Ohio »

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No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.

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  1. The Wife

    The Wife

    The Wife

    Husband drives 2006 Dodge diesel 2500. Of late, I thought it was running rougher than normal, but hubby didn’t notice, always in that truck. Finally, it flipped a code about injectors, and he limped the truck home. Never had used additives for cleaning in the 10 years we owned it. Our bad.Well, I hit the Internet, and stumbled upon Hot Shot Secrets Diesel Extreme. Bought it, added it to fuel, and let it run in the driveway for an hour. Hubby thinks it runs better than ever. Now also using HSS Stiction Eliminator also. Our 10 year old truck runs as smooth as ever. These products easily saved us an unnecessary $2000. repair bill.Thank you Hot Shot Secrets!

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  2. Casey Cazes

    It works

    Casey Cazes

    My 2005 f350 would barely start and when I did it sputtered and blew white smoke. I added the deisel extreme and 35 gallons later she purred like a kitten. This shit is amazing!!!!!

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  3. Jeffrey Towne

    Owner operator

    Jeffrey Towne

    I had clogged injectors was using a product from Howes for three months and did very little if nothing to help clean my injectors did some research online and found Hot Shots Diesel Extreme poured 4 quarts of Diesel Extreme into my tanks and within one day my injectors or clean my truck was idling quietly and I had no more hesitation going up hills fantastic product everybody use this product … on my next Oil Change I will start using The stiction Eliminator

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    A.B.E. Towing & Recovery Allentown, Pa.We are small towing company located in Allentown Pa. Our 2009 Nissan UD 2300DH was starting to have power loss in the pass 9 months. Dealer told us it was a bad EGR and would cost close to 3000.00 to fix with labor. Truck would be tied up at there dealership for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks. Before I agreed to get this repair done I decided to do some research on chemicals to see if it would help. I looked at many chemicals and nothing really caught my eye that would fix the problem. I did research on your product and reviews, they really didnt give me much to go on. So I decided to go with my gut cause it is normally right.We added the products, we started with the extreme boost. After filling the tank and letting idle for 30 minutes, we drove it about 15 miles, already we notice more power better pick up. So we brought it back to the shop and did the oil changed and added the oil additive with the oil change. drove the truck 95 miles and now all of the sudden this truck is shifting better. Before it would shift between gears at 2200 to 2500 rpms, now its shifting at 1100 to 1500 rpm, fuel consumption is not even close to what it was. The jake brake is working better, hill climbing is like is was brand new truck! As we drive this truck longer during the night and day it is still improving little by little with BIG results. For $70.00 i may have solved the problem myself which means I saved 2925.00 in repairs.

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  5. Tom Dunlevy

    Tom Dunlevy

    Iam big T from cape may nj and been using your products for a couple years now very happy with all of them I have a landscaping business so I have a few trucks that I treat on a regular basis I have a ford 2013 6.7 and I switched to full synthetic 5w40 and using your products in this truck since it was new just as a preventative for the future just wanted to double check it is ok to use in new trucks with low miles on your reviews it’s mostly older trucks with some miles on them ?

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