Make your engine last longer with an Oil Additive

Make your engine last longer with an Oil Additive
December 10, 2021

A rule of thumb that applies to any tangible asset; if you take care of something, it will last longer. This applies to everything from tools, guns and toys, to our own bodies. It’s no secret that this same principle applies to an engine as well. The good news is that it is actually quite simple to “treat your engine right” with some of the modern technology available today. Before we get into what secrets are out there that make this possible, let’s dive into what actually causes an engine to wear, and ultimately fail in the first place.

Engine Wear

Like anything else, it takes time to notice the wear taking place inside an engine. Just like we take supplements, eat healthy (excuse the occasional burger and beer), and exercise, we need to take care of our engines as well. Changing your oil is no longer enough to prevent excessive engine wear because of the extremely tight tolerances in today’s motors. Once your engine begins to wear it becomes harder for engine oil to fill in the smaller gaps that the engine wear has caused. This leaves parts of the engine unprotected and not lubricated, which in turn accelerates engine wear. Adding a nano lubricant is almost a necessity at this point to protect your engine and investment. Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer is most definitely the answer. The FR3 formula contains a patented nano lubricant specifically designed to fill in the microscopic crevices that develop over time inside the engine. Proven to reduce engine wear by up to 43% more than oil alone, Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 is the best way to extend the life of both new and used motors.


Engine Detox

Modern engines are built with tighter tolerances to get the most efficiency and power out of the engine. While this seems great on paper, there is a dark and sticky side to it. The tighter tolerances cause oil to burn and gum up your engine (stiction). A basic lubricant can help, but it won’t treat or eliminate the underlying problem. To take your oil maintenance a step further, It’s important to treat your engine with Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator. This high powered oil additive actually cleans your engine of that sticky burnt oil and lubricates at the same time. Think of Stiction Eliminator as a whole body detox, cleaning out all of the junk inside of your engine and preparing it for a better lifestyle.


You get out of your engine what you put into it. If you enjoy visiting the guys at the shop and giving them your money to fix things, keep relying on oil alone to protect your engine. But if time is money and you would rather be on the road getting the job done, take your maintenance routine to the next level with superior oil additive. Using both Stiction Eliminator and FR3 as a two-step oil maintenance routine will provide your engine with the resources it needs to live a long, healthy life. Clean things up with the original Stiction Eliminator at your next oil change, then follow up with treatments of FR3 in oil changes to follow, and you will eliminate damaging carbon build up inside your engine; forever.