Protect Your Engine with our 2-Step Oil Treatment

Use Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator and FR3 Friction Reducer

  • Gas or Diesel Engines
  • Works with any type of oil

Protect and Restore Power with our 2 Step Oil Treatment

The oil in your engine is like the blood that runs through your body, and without proper care both will begin to cause problems that you will not want to deal with. Using Hot Shot’s Secret two-step oil treatment you will never have to worry about the health of your engine again. Start by cleaning out the stiction that might be robbing you of power or causing excessive wear with Stiction Eliminator.


Stiction Eliminator is guaranteed to remove 100% of stiction and to protect your entire engine for the remainder of your oil change. Follow up your next oil change by adding FR3 Friction Reducer to increase the power and efficiency of your engine and prevent future stiction buildup from slowing you down again. This two-step oil treatment is safe for both diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles and will make a difference in new or used vehicles. Stop risking the health of your engine and protect it with a Hot Shot Secret two-step oil treatment.

Step 1: Stiction Eliminator

STICTION ELIMINATOR provides the initial clean up to the entire oil system. Guaranteed to remove 100% of stiction from turbo bearings, HEUI injectors, rings, oil pump and more.

*Initial treatment, use with next oil change

Step 2: FR3 Friction Reducer

FR3 Friction Reducer Oil Additive
FR3 FRICTION REDUCER uses 3 patented synthetic lubricants, including a nano lubricant, to fill and attach to the microscopic crevices inside the engine.

*Use with following 2 oil changes

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Get Everything You Need to Protect Your Engine

  • 64 oz Stiction Eliminator – Treats 16 quarts of oil for the initial treatment.

  • 32 oz FR3 Friction Reducer – Treats 21 quarts of oil.

  • Signature Series Oil Pack Includes:
    (1) 64 oz Stiction Eliminator
    (1) 32 oz FR3 Friction Reducer


Real Results From Real People

“The Hot Shot products work just like Hot Shot says they do — even better than I would have expected. I have over 35 years’ experience in diesel truck maintenance as a mechanic, and for engine life longevity and minimizing the odds of problems, the Hot Shot program is part of my regular preventative maintenance.”
Kenneth C.