How Do I Know to Change My Oil Brand?

March 27, 2019

Vehicle maintenance is critical to the life of an engine requiring small investments of time, money and attention during ownership. The benefit in doing so results in a longer engine life, continued reliability, improved performance and less cost in repairs over the duration of ownership. Since a vehicle’s engine consists of so many moving parts in continual friction against each other, engine parts are some of the most susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, one of the most simple, cost effective and proven methods to keep your engine healthy and successfully heading down the road, is to continually change your motor oil.

“To save damage on your motor, and avoid breakdowns on the road,” says David Overholt of Pokey’s Performance and Repair (Montezuma, GA), “you HAVE to change your oil. If not, the oil will breakdown and the engine parts requiring lubrication will breakdown too.”

Other than the recommended mileage for an oil change, an owner can know when it’s time for a change just by testing a small sample of their oil, observing how long it takes for an oil to break down. The most common indication is that a broken down oil becomes black in color, and thin in viscosity. “You can look at an oil and tell when it’s been in an engine for a long time, and you can tell when there has been a recent service to the engine as well,” says Overholt. “If an oil makes it to black, this oil should have already been out of here.” And when the oil is not only breaking down, but doing so frequently and showing short durations before breakdown, Overholt mentions, “it might be wise to change your choice in oil brands.”

With the various brands of oils available, and the maintenance shops available for the service, it’s easier than ever to take proper care of your vehicle, and the results are proving to be true in vehicles that currently run great with hundreds of thousands of miles on the odometer. With so many options to choose from, how can the consumer make the proper choice in oil selection?

Overholt says he is always testing information and theories to stay on top of everything needed in vehicle maintenance, then passing along only the best to his customers. By understanding the vehicle as such an important component of the transportation, work duty and maintenance service industry, Overholt says, “I like to study good hard facts and proven results on an oil before I change from what I currently run. When I have changed from one brand to another, it’s because there is a significant amount of testing, results and statistics proving superiority.”

When deciding on the change, Overholt provides direction to his customers that he has received in the past with repeatedly successful results, recommending that customers run a stiction eliminator as a cleaner when they make their first initial change in motor oil brands. “When you change from your current oil to what we recommend in Hot Shot’s Secret superior motor oils,” states David, “also run the Stiction Eliminator on that first oil changeover. After that, it helps even more to use the Stiction Eliminator every 5 to 10 oil-change services. The beauty however, is that once the switch is made to the Hot Shot’s Secret oil, the needed additives unavailable in many other oils, are now included in every oil-change with HSS motor oils.

Without proper attention to your motor oil says Overholt, “you’re going to pay on one end or the other.” The motto applies to the fact that a vehicle owner must make scheduled oil changes as recommended and continually make the effort throughout the ownership of the vehicle. If not, the lack of attention to your oil will cause devastating repair and maintenance conditions or worse, a very expensive replacement of your motor. Overholt advises that “paying on the maintenance is a whole lot less than paying on the repairs.”


“I never was an additive guy! I have been around diesels for many years, and got into the business of working on them. I thought in the past that maybe additives were a good idea, and I’d try a couple here and there and never really see results. Well, when I started seeing ads for Hot Shot’s Secret I started digging into my research and seeing test results from users – not even the manufacturer claims yet – but users, that were showing the results. And I knew ‘that’s what I want.’ I don’t want a product to sell my customers that maybe they will be able to tell a difference. I want to sell products that I know they are going to benefit from!

Seeing results in the field that back up the facts published, are some of my biggest evaluations in product selection; it’s one of the reasons I first chose Hot Shot’s Secret as my motor oil. And 90 to 95 percent of my customers have made the switch as well.

For example, I have a customer in the business of hauling portable storage buildings and oversized loads. This particular truck has worked hard every day, running back and forth central Georgia to south Florida. And every time he comes in for an oil change, it has never failed that since he converted from the main-shelf brands to the Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond synthetic oil, that his oil is not even broken down to black. I have noticed that the oil is still just as slick as it can be. Knowing that this truck gets worked like it does, and he comes in even a couple times at 1000 miles over his scheduled maintenance and you’d typically expect to see terribly broken down oil. This truck is coming back though, with obviously not brand new oil, but this Hot Shot’s Secret oil is still holding up, so much better than oils I used to use. You can tell this Green Diamond is still protecting his truck.

Even on some of the trucks that run over their recommended mileage changes, and when the oil has begun to darken, you can still feel with the Green Diamond oil, you can rub this oil between your fingers and it’s still slick. That’s what I really like, we love it!

We have a sizeable number of trucks that have converted to and will use only Hot Shot’s Secret additives. They won’t use anything else. We have a customer that will come in and buy the Everyday Diesel Treatment by the case. She says, ‘my truck runs better, it has more power, and there is a significant savings in fuel mileage – there is no doubt!’

We have an ongoing list of mentions how much customers like Hot Shot’s Secret: ‘this stuff is really impressive,’ ‘my truck sounds better,’ ‘it runs so much better,’ ‘it runs quieter now.’

I’ve been very impressed – it’s some great stuff!”

– David Overholt of Pokey’s Performance and Repair, Montezuma, GA