Everyday Diesel Treatment 1qt

Everyday Diesel Treatment

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Everyday Diesel Treatment

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Hot Shot’s Secret EDT Fuel Additive Boost Power & Performance with EVERY Fill-Up

  • Boosts cetane up to 7 points
  • Increases fuel mileage up to 7.3%
  • Increases fuel lubricity up to 26% with infusion of LX4 Lubricity Extreme

Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) is a concentrated 6-in-1 diesel additive formulated to resolve issues with today’s Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). It is engineered to improve fuel economy, power & performance, and overall protection of diesel fuel systems. It is recommended for all diesel engines.

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EVERYDAY DIESEL TREATMENT contains a concentrated level of cetane booster which tremendously upgrades power and improves fuel economy in all diesel engines. EDT also cleans fuel injectors to maintain efficiency & proper spray patterns.

EDT provides maximum protection for fuel systems and their components, especially fuel injectors and fuel pumps. It is infused with our LX4 Lubricity Extreme to improve diesel fuel lubricity by up to 26%*, reducing the wear scar by up to 159 microns* ensuring diesel fuel passes the lubrication recommendations set by the Engine Manufacturer’s Association (EMA) of a wear scar maximum of 460 microns. EDT also combats moisture via water dispersants, rust & corrosion inhibitors and contains a fuel stabilizer.

* Verified by 3rd Party ASTM D-6079 Testing

It is recommended to use Everyday Diesel Treatment with every fill-up.

Premium Dose: 1 oz. treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel. 16 oz. bottle treats 400 gallons of diesel fuel.

Performance Dose: 2 oz. treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel. 16 oz. bottle treats 200 gallons of diesel fuel.

Uses: Everyday Diesel Treatment is recommended for ALL DIESEL ENGINES (including tier 4 compliant) because it is completely ashless and has no adverse effects on engine components. Recommended for Semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, farm equipment & autos. Effective in all diesel engines including Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, Volkswagen, Audi, and more. Our EDT complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.

EDT can also be used in furnace fuel oil for more efficient fuel utilization and a more trouble-free furnace operation without producing any harmful emissions.

Fuel treated with EDT is a “PREMIUM” diesel fuel. Every diesel engine would benefit from EDT! The cetane improver in EDT consists of special nitrates which are pro-oxidants and which speed up the oxidative process of fuels during combustion, giving more power and improved mileage. EDT provides significantly increased ignition efficiency with all diesel fuels. In addition, EDT prevents gum and sludge formation. Corrosion is prevented by an inhibitor which produces a protective non-deposit-forming film on metal surfaces in the fuel system and which neutralizes corrosive acids formed during combustion. An important component of EDT is a special demulsifier which disperses condensed moisture. Condensed water in fuels is a major cause of rust, icing in cold weather and the growth of microorganisms in warm weather. Operation of diesel engines is noticeably improved when corrosion and growth of bacteria are prevented. EDT contains an exclusive polar lubricity additive to prevent wear without altering fuel viscosity.

The Science

EDT is extremely effective in middle distillate fuels to improve combustion and ignition efficiency, enhance fuel economy and maintain fuel in a clean, stabilized condition. The sulfur content of this diesel fuel additive does not exceed 15 ppm

The reason for better performance with EDT is that cetane improvement in the fuel gives a smoother, less erratic pressure buildup in the combustion chamber during the ignition delay period which occurs between injection and ignition.

Controlling this pressure buildup with EDT eliminates potential damage to piston rings and rod bearings

Power and fuel economy are increased as fuel burns more evenly and cleanly. Misfiring is controlled. When ignition improves, emissions are reduced and noise levels are lowered. Controlling the pressure build-up allows more complete burning of the refractive molecules in the fuel, which steal power and produce deposits and wear.

EDT can also be used in furnace fuel oil for more efficient fuel utilization and a more trouble-free furnace operation without producing any harmful emissions.


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No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.

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  1. One person found this helpful
    Ramiro Rostro

    hot shot EDT

    Ramiro Rostro

    a good product i have used the diesel extreme i like it a lot

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  2. Troy Meadows

    Troy from Ohio

    Troy Meadows

    Awesome products, gained 3-4 mpg,very economical. 2010 Chevrolet 3500hd 6.6 60,000 miles. Truck is liking the fuel treatment looking forward to using the oil treatment next.Get you some of this!

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  3. Jose


    I drive a 2015 Ram 2500 MegaCab 6.7 Cummins. I began seeing my mpg improve and faster throttle response after the second treatment of EDT. I have gain about 0.7 mpg in the city and literally 2.0 mpg on the highway. I bought the truck used with about 25k miles on it, I have owned it less than a year and put about 15k miles, granted that I bought the truck in TX and drove it back home in central FL. I drive about 6 hours total every two to three times a month to my hunting camp so I have put some miles on it since I owned the truck. To my point that since having this truck and treating it with EDT, I notice a quicker and smoother throttle response with more power and a quicker pick up. I am very pleased with EDT and will be purchasing more and will not stop using this. I am interested in seeing whats going to happen when I do my next oil change, I will be adding the Stiction Eliminator mixing it with Rotella T6 and also adding the Diesel Extreme to the fuel tank.I update when I do it on both products.

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  4. Tom from Michigan

    Tom from Michigan

    Test results are everything we could ask for. Fuel economy is better by about 0.3 mpg when EDT is used. Absolutely no performance issues. There has only been one oil change, but water level was negligible. We would like to order five (5) bottles, one for each of our five (5) _

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Common Questions About Hot Shot’s Everyday Diesel Treatment

Keep your machines and trucks in good condition with our Everyday Diesel Treatment. Take a look at some common questions and answers below to learn how this product can benefit you.

How do you use Hot Shot’s Everyday Diesel Treatment?

Use Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment at each fill-up to provide quality diesel for the engine. Once very 6,000 miles skip the EDT and use Diesel Extreme to deep clean the entire fuel system including the injectors. In weather below 35 degrees, use our winter version of EDT, known as Diesel Winter Anti-Gel.

How often should I use diesel fuel treatment?

Diesel additives should be used at each fill-up, from day one of any diesel vehicle. Diesel is not as refined as gasoline and can fall short in many areas. The lack of cetane and lubricity being two key factors.

All Hot Shot’s Secret diesel-only additives provide a full spectrum of protections and benefits. Everyday Diesel Treatment will be the main product you use at most fill-ups, to provide the best performance and protects your diesel.

Use Diesel Extreme every 6,000 miles to deep clean the injectors and fuel system. In cold climates replace EDT with Diesel Winter Anti-Gel for gelling protection plus the regular benefits of EDT. LX4 Lubricity Extreme is just for lubricity use alone or on top of our other fuel additives for extra protection.

What Should I Add to My Diesel Fuel?

You can put numerous additives in your fuel, and adding Everyday Diesel Treatment can provide multiple benefits. Our advanced additive can perform many jobs simultaneously. Our diesel additive can help with anything from improving fuel combustion to lowering DPF regenerations to increasing fuel efficiency.

Choosing the additive that works best for your machine is vital. Consider looking at engine compatibility, the additive’s purpose or multifunctionality.

What Are the Benefits of Everyday Diesel Treatment?

Everyday Diesel Treatment from Hot Shot’s Secret can help your vehicle or machine in multiple ways. For starters, the treatment improves your cetane rating. Ultimately, this boosts your performance and fuel efficiency as well. On top of that, it can enhance your fuel’s lubricity and help to keep your DPF cleaner.

Use diesel fuel treatment for everything from loss of power to boosting starting performance in cold weather.

How Does Everyday Diesel Treatment Affect Fuel Mileage?

Our specialized formula for Everyday Diesel Treatment increases fuel mileage. The nitrates affect the oxidative process, meaning you will get better fuel mileage from your vehicle or machine. Our product has been proven to increase your fuel economy by up to 7.3%.

When Should I Use Everyday Diesel Treatment?

You should use Everyday Diesel Treatment each time you fill up, often daily. We recommend using this one regularly, combined with Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme every 6000 miles.

Will Using Everyday Diesel Treatment Void My Engine’s Warranty?

Using Everyday Diesel Treatment will not void your engine’s warranty. Feel confident using this product when you fill your tank, knowing your engine is still covered under your original warranty.

Purchase Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment Today

Do you have additional questions about our Everyday Diesel Treatment? Get in touch with us online, and we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can. If you’re ready to purchase, select from one of our sizes above and add it to your cart or call 1-800-341-6516 to learn more about case-quantity discounts.

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