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Diagnose Ford Diesel Engine Problems

Hundreds of components make up a Ford diesel pickup truck engine, a problem with just one of them can cause issues. Your truck could go into limp mode or worst leave you stranded on the side of the road. From a sudden lack of performance to odd sounds under the hood, it’s beneficial to know what is going on with your diesel engine to prepare for maintenance tasks and long trips behind the wheel.

Our team understands that going straight to a mechanic can be expensive, which is why Hot Shot’s Secret is your source for additives, oils and other lubricants that solve engine complications. We want to help you get to the bottom of your Ford diesel engine problems.

How to Use Our Online Diagnostics Tool

Power Stroke® diesel engines are known to be some of the most trustworthy builds from the Ford Motor Company to date. However, all automotive engines are prone to wear and tear over time. Diagnosing Ford Power Stroke engine problems used to involve removing parts and hunting online for clues, but our experts make it simple to locate the issue with step-by-step instructions for your F-Series truck.

Our Ford Power Stroke engine guide is organized by model name. Use your owner’s manual to identify the engine in your F-Series truck and gain access to symptom descriptions, trouble codes and fluid capacity recommendations. As you click through each menu, you’ll see further information relating to Ford Power Stroke engine problems for the following V8 releases:

  • 7.3L Power Stroke
  • 6.0L Power Stroke
  • 6.4L Power Stroke
  • 6.7L Power Stroke

Common Problems With Power Stroke Diesel Engines

Drivers with all levels of experience often know the second something is wrong with their F-Series truck. Rather than panic, you can rely on the professionals at Hot Shot’s Secret for troubleshooting. We allow you to diagnose Ford diesel engine problems without having to schedule an appointment with a mechanic days in advance.

Our Power Stroke diesel engine diagnostics tool helps you get to the bottom of frequent obstacles such as:

  • Diesel engine misfires.
  • Black or white smoke coming from the tailpipe.
  • Check engine lights.
  • Failure to start (hot and cold engine).
  • Fuel filter clogs.

Respond to Ford Diesel Engine Problems With Ease

Ford Power Stroke engine problems grow worse when you ignore the warning signs that something is wrong. Our diagnostics resource allows you to tackle the issue directly at the source using a variety of products on our online store. All you have to do is click through the symptoms or trouble codes that apply, and we’ll give you advice on which additives or lubricants are right for your situation.

Hot Shot’s Secret started out by engineering solutions for Ford Power Stroke engines. Our staff knows these models from the inside out, and we equip you with the information necessary to prolong your diesel engine’s life. There is no need to spend money on a mechanic’s labor costs to disassemble your diesel engine when our online tool gives you answers in seconds.

Our diagnostics tool not only helps you understand what problems your Ford diesel engine may be facing, but also recommends affordable additives and lubricants from our online store to prolong the life of your diesel engine. Try our Diesel Extreme and our Stiction Eliminator to get your diesel truck back up and running. Keep your engine running smoothly with our Everyday Diesel Treatment and FR3.

Diagnose Ford Diesel Problems for Free

Keep some extra money in your pocket by diagnosing Ford diesel engine problems yourself. If you have questions about what our products can do for your truck, contact Hot Shot’s Secret at your earliest convenience.