Save Money with Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT)

May 21, 2014

Originally published in the July 2013 Hot Shot’s Secret customer newsletter.

Last month May 2013, we added our Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] in the 4 oz bottles to our lineup. The Everyday Diesel Treatment  (EDT) is designed to chemically alter the fuel to burn better. It makes the parts of the fuel that would normally become particulate matter in the exhaust turn into a BTU which translates into better mileage. It is also a cetane improver, rust and corrosion inhibitor, moisture dispersant and lubricity additive. Users ALWAYS get at least a 2% fuel mileage increase. Two percent of a gallon of diesel fuel costs about 8 cents. EDT only costs 2 cents per treated gallon, which means users will save 6 cents per gallon – that’s HUGE! Often users increase their fuel mileage 5 – 7%, which is even more savings! Think of it in this way – Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] users will be getting paid at least 6 cents to keep their system clean, dry and lubricated. It’s like somebody paying you to go to the gym and work out!

The Everyday Diesel Treatment [EDT] comes in 4 ounce bottles to treat a 100 gallon tank. It is also available in 16 ounce bottles to treat 400 gallons. Because 1 ounce treats 25 gallons, we also offer a 16 oz. squeeze bottle for convenience.