Extend the Life of Your Oil and Engine with a Frantz Bypass Filter Kit

Extend the Life of Your Oil and Engine with a Five-Minute Quick Install Frantz Bypass Filter Kit
September 3, 2021

The stock (OEM) oil filter on any car or truck will catch damaging particles anywhere from 15-20 microns, which are actually pretty small. For a size reference, the average human hair is about 72 microns in diameter, so 20 microns equals roughly .0008 inches. Pretty small right? But we can do better. Engine bearings and cylinder walls will still be adversely affected by particles as small as 2-5 microns. This isn’t large enough debris that will spin a bearing, or anything like that; but over the course of a couple hundred thousand miles, they make a difference. Why don’t engine manufacturers make stock filters that catch these nearly microscopic particles? The reason an OEM filter cannot get down to this fine of filtration is because it wouldn’t have enough flow to feed the engine. This is why a Frantz Filter redirects about 4-6% of the oil at a time into the filter itself. It will take some time to filter all of the oil, but within 500 miles of driving we can have the oil cleaner than it came out of the jug.

Filter oil cleaner than new


Extended engine life isn’t the only benefit to a bypass filter, you will also extend the time between oil changes. This is really where a Frantz filter system puts money back into your wallet. Modern synthetic oils really don’t break down like their outdated, conventional counterparts. We are able to blend in detergent packages that can withstand thousands and thousands of miles of use. With lab analysis, you can get 50,000 miles out of oil with no problems; remember, we are keeping the oil cleaner than when it was new. Using our Blue Diamond POA oil a 100,000 mile plus life can easily be achieved.

Frantz Filter Benefits

Our media not only takes out particulate contamination, but also things like water and coolant. Even if your head gaskets and oil coolers are in presumably good shape, you can still get trace amounts in the oil from an oil cooler with a slight leak. Maybe not enough for you to notice, but enough to be abrasive inside the engine. Beyond the removal of contamination, a bypass filter has cooling properties that help further prevent the breakdown of your oil. If you want to protect your engine, extend your oil drain intervals, all while saving money, then you should seriously consider getting a Frantz Filter System.


Installing a Frantz system has never been as easy. Hot Shot’s Secret has brought innovation to this classic design; with a quick-install kit for the Ford 6.0L & 6.4L Powerstroke and other popular diesel engine models. The custom kit includes a Frantz filter, an oil filter cap, an oil-fill cap, a gasket and two quick-release pre-made stainless-steel braided hose lines. The only tools needed for installation are a 9/16 wrench and a crescent wrench. The base mounts to the truck with powerful magnets, resulting in a no-drilling installation, in about five minutes.

Prior to mounting the base, connect both the supply line and the return line to the Frantz canister. Tighten fittings with a 9/16 wrench. Then guide the base to the mounting location. Remove the factory fill cap, replace with the new cap, tighten down, and snap the line in place with the quick-connect fitting. Then remove the oil filter cap with the crescent wrench, remove the old filter and replace with the new filter which snaps into the base of the new cap. Install the new O-ring gasket to the cap, then insert in place, push down, tighten with the crescent wrench and connect the line with the quick-connect fitting. Lastly, make sure both lines are out of the way of things and tighten the clamp on the filter base.

Other kits are available for popular truck engines as well as a universal kit, that can be used on any vehicle with proper accessories. Look for more quick-install kits in the coming soon to make the process simple on other engines. Call one for our specialties to design a kit or get a preassembled kit for your car or truck.

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