Diesel Winter Anti-Gel: An Ounce of Prevention with Engine Protections

Car with ice
February 13, 2020

Diesel owners know all too well about diesel fuel gelling in cold weather. We know it happens, the question is why?

Diesel fuel contains something called paraffin wax, which begins to solidify once the fuel reaches the “freeze” point. The solid form of these hydrocarbons is a thick, waxy substance that is referred to as the “gelling” of diesel fuel. All diesel fuel will eventually gel in cold temperatures unless the fuel is treated in advance with an anti-gel additive.

Once diesel fuel gels, the truck will be stranded on the side of the road. Symptoms of gelling include hard starts, loss of power and decreasing MPGs. Therefore, it is important to treat the fuel with an Anti-Gel additive before it is too late. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel promoting coverage down to -40°F. A treatment of Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is recommended with every fill-up from October through March in cold climates for best results. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel should be added to fuel before reaching the cloud point. By adding Diesel Winter Anti-Gel at the pump, you get the advantage of warmer fuel from underground tanks, preventing fuel gelling in its tracks. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel has a pour point of -65° F once in your tank, for outstanding cold weather protection.

Our effective anti-gel additive greatly improves cold temperature performance and helps prevent the wax in the fuel from clogging lines. This is done in two methods: with a wax modifier that reduces the size of the crystals and a wax anti-settling agent that keeps the wax in suspension. This allows fuel to pass through your engine without issue.

Besides protecting you from gelling, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is fully formulated to provide seven benefits and protects to your engine. A cetane booster to burn the fuel completely, added lubricity to protect the fuel system and injector cleaner that cleans the entire fuel system. Hot Shot’s also included a rust and corrosion inhibitor, a fuel stabilizer, and water dispersant on top of the anti-gel properties. Hot Shot’s Secret is one of the few companies that will give you it all in one package, resulting in maximum performance from your diesel.

When you suspect you are a victim of gelled fuel, you will check in two areas: the fuel tank and fuel filter(s). If gelling has occurred, you will need to use Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue. If the fuel is gelled in the tank, add entire contents (32 ounces) of Diesel Winter Rescue to every 40 gallons of fuel in the tank(s). Remove fuel-filters and fill with 50% Diesel Winter Rescue and 50% diesel fuel. Reinstall fuel-filters. Start engine. Let the engine idle to warm up fuel system. If fuel is liquid in fuel tanks but engine won’t start: Remove fuel-filters and fill with 50% Diesel Winter Rescue and 50% diesel fuel. Reinstall fuel-filters. Start engine.

Diesel Winter Rescue is a diesel fuel de-icer additive is a fully formulated emergency product that contains a military-grade de-icer and lubricity additive. It is formulated to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters to restore the flow of diesel fuel to the engine allowing the vehicle to be fully operational again. Products such as Diesel Winter Rescue are a helpful option to carry in your vehicle during the winter months when gelling occurs.

So the best defense of diesel gelling is prevention, by using an additive such as Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel with every fill-up during the cold weather season. This will help keep you moving down the road for temperatures down to -40°F. The Diesel Winter Anti-Gel has the added benefits of increased cetane and lubricity for better performance. If gelling occurs use an emergency additive such as Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue to re-liquefy gelled fuel, getting your diesel engine running again.