5 Key Benefits of Using Shift Restore

5 Key Benefits of Using Shift Restore
March 8, 2021

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Repairing a transmission is no easy or inexpensive task. The transmission works with your engine to operate the vehicle at different speeds. Like motor oil for your engine, transmission fluid helps to keep your transmission lubricated and running smoothly. Without the proper type or levels of transmission fluid, your transmission can easily overheat, lack in performance, or outright fail. If your transmission fails, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to repair or replace it.

Regular maintenance of your transmission will help keep it running well and extend its life. That means getting a regular checkup and using the correct and high quality transmission fluid. You should also get your fluid flushed and changed every 100,000 miles or so. See your owner’s manual for details.

Using a transmission additive can also help protect your transmission and improve its performance. Some debate the treatment’s effectiveness, but most agree that it is useful for vehicles that are regularly used to tow heavy loads, those that are driven in temperature extremes or other rough conditions.

Of course, no treatment can make up for the neglect of preventive maintenance. Here are a few benefits that a transmission additive may provide for your vehicle:

1. Remove Harmful Sludge and Varnish

Hot Shot’s Secret SHIFT RESTORE is a high performance ester formula that uses a unique lubricity and cleaning agent. SHIFT RESTORE tenaciously attaches itself to all metal parts that it comes in contact with inside the transmission. The metal in a transmission is nearly always positively charged while SHIFT RESTORE is negatively charged. The strong polarity pulls deposits off the metal surfaces and puts them back into solution. Over time, varnish and sticky residues and deposits (stiction) form, inhibiting the performance of the ATF and transmission components.

2. Improve Shifting and Reduce Noise

The ester in the SHIFT RESTORE works to clean the oxidized deposits (also known as stiction) off of the moving transmission components. Stiction is the gummy, sticky buildup of burnt oil in engines, transmissions and differentials. Stiction can coat shift valves, solenoids, accumulators and torque converters in transmissions, causing harsh, delayed, or clunky shifting, as well as the loss of power and fuel mileage.

3. Lowering Operating Temperatures

SHIFT RESTORE provides better fuel economy, smoother gear changes, increased power, and reduced noise and temperatures by reducing the coefficient of friction inside the transmission. An added benefit is a reduction in temperature due to less friction on the critical moving parts. Heat is the worst enemy of transmission fluid and causes it to break down quicker over time.

4. Reducing Wear on Parts

SHIFT RESTORE’S ester formula attaches itself to all metal parts that it comes in contact with inside the transmission with a strong polarity. The attachment of a thin layer of Shift Restore to the metal parts is natural and not dependent upon temperature, pressure or anything else, provides an added layer of protection.

5. Use as a Preventive to Extend Transmission Life

SHIFT RESTORE is engineered to safely dissolve the harmful gum and varnish that forms over time on the surface of precision transmission components. This CVT and automatic transmission fluid additive also lubricates and protects these key components for an extended transmission life. Use as a preventative maintenance product or to fix an existing problem. SHIFT RESTORE is recommended for all automatic transmissions.