The “Original” Stiction Eliminator

May 21, 2014

By Chris Gabrelcik , Certified Lubrication Specialist
“In November of 2004, International Truck and Engine called me because they were having warranty problems on their injectors on the 6 liter engine. They felt that the injectors were perfectly fine, but there was a built up inside there, and if they could clean the built up oil out, then their warranty claims would go down. What we came to find out is that, inside the oil side of the injector, which is the top half of the injector, the oil was building up in the form of burnt engine oil or varnish, and that’s where we came up with the name stiction. Stiction Eliminator was designed to clean out the deposits that build up in this part of the injector.

We spent about a year developing the product, and then International Truck and Engine spent about two years testing it to make sure it was safe. They wanted to make sure that it could be used in high altitudes, low altitudes, cold temperatures, etc. With this solution, we are able to fix injectors that are labeled as being broken 90 percent of the time.

Ford and International have had a falling out of ways, which International is no longer making the engines for Ford. So we were not able to get Ford to carry the problem. We’re still talking to International about it, but in the meantime we are selling this product direct to the user, through our website   You can also order direct by calling 1-800-341-6516. If you have any questions, we have technicians on hand to help assist you.

We have sold thousands of bottles of Stiction Eliminator and we have hundreds of testimonials from people who have called to tell us that it’s worked, so feel free to use this product with confidence and know that it’ll work for you.  It will be the best $50 you will have ever spent.  I guarantee that this product will fix your injector(s). If it doesn’t, just call us and we’ll give you your money back. I honestly don’t want your money if it doesn’t work for you. I rather send you a check back for $51.95 and have you understand that this product does work when you do need it.  I really do want you to have your money back if this product doesn’t work for you, just because it’s the right thing to do.”

Chris Gabrelcik is certified with STLE as a CLS and OMA.