Powered by Science (Powered by Nanotechnology)

August 14, 2019

When we say we are powered by science, our statement is not only based on our history, but more so based on our continual use of data, analytics, testing, chemistry and product engineering to produce a truly superior product, originating from our evolution in the lab. So many products claim hype and marketing spin. But Hot Shot’s Secret is different because of the hours in the lab and the science backing our products. Ours truly work because we have built an incredible product line from the sharpest scientific minds in the industry.

The scientists in the Lubrication Specialties lab began in a search for a new advantage, and a way to reformulate a product second to none. In doing so, when LSI scientists uncovered the breakthrough advantage of Nanotechnology, the whole game changed in lubrication additives.

With the power of nano science as the new basis for lubrication and additive improvements, LSI’s Hot Shot’s Secret line of products was born with the intent to not only be the best in the marketplace, but more so, prove the claims made to get there. With years of data, lab and field testing, the Hot Shot’s Secret line of fuel and oil additives have become the go-to choice, based on a proven track record improving mechanical operations and longevity. As not only chemists and scientists, but also automotive and transportation professionals, the culmination of science and passion for car-care provides the driving force to help everyone on the road with their everyday needs. By extending the life of their vehicles, gaining more horsepower and fuel economy with reduced exhaust emissions, and helping prevent the excruciating wear and tear that takes place in an engine, the market’s highest customer satisfaction is the incredible by-product of Hot Shot’s Secret product design.

What is Nanotechnology?

At its core, nanotechnology is the concentration on manipulation of atoms, molecules, particles and compounds measured in dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers. As scientists and engineers at LSI continue their formulations based on nanotechnology, the product compounds provide an improved microscopic-ball-bearing effect. When using LSI-engineered nano compounds in the Hot Shot’s Secret engine oil products for example, nano carbons dispersed in the engine oil are compressed between adjacent surfaces, providing an added gliding effect over chemistry-formulated ball bearings. As metal surfaces in constant friction against each other are introduced to the nanotechnology-based compounds in Hot Shots Secret products, these oils and additives provide a smoother interaction between engine parts in constant friction with each other. Scientifically-produced nano components of the oil adhere to the engine parts and provide a protective layer between each of the parts in friction.

Nanotechnological Testing:

When scientists and engineers at LSI labs began their quest for excellence, they sought out information and testing as the source of their product design. To gather mounds of data proving their own theories, the company developed a variety of in-house testing processes including a simulation of the standardized ASTM 4172 four-ball test.

In LSI’s 4-Ball Wear test, a steel ball is rotated in between three (3) other stationary steel balls for 60 minutes. For each test all are set in rotational motion under a specified load, speed, temperature and time. Each test introduces a variable ASTM D-2266 (grease) or ASTM D-4172 (oils) as the lubricant protection between each of the four (4) balls under scrutiny. At the conclusion of the test, technicians report the average measurements of the three wear scars. The coefficient-of-friction results and the prevention of wear are determined by the wear scars on each rotational ball. The smaller wear scars across the three stationary balls indicate a higher level of lubricity within the lubricant and therefore added protection of parts in friction against each other.

LSI/Hot Shot’s Secret nanotechnology testing has proven a reduction of an engine’s abrasive wear, fatigue and friction-based heat, by an average of 62%!

Raw Materials Testing:

LSI development testing focused on three (3) classes of raw material base compounds, ranging from nanos to oil products.

  1. Nano carbons
  2. Group 5 esters with friction modifiers
  3. Base oils

Each of the three classes of compounds provided its own inherent characteristics within the lubricant introduced into the testing. With the nano materials providing the superior results, test results also proved that like almost any superior product available, Nano-carbons while working extremely well, were also very expensive to formulate. Nano carbons however, worked even better within a synergetic combination of other components, thereby reducing the cost of the overall formula.

Nano carbons have a thermal conductivity 5x higher than copper and silicon carbide found in many other products on the market, providing improved thermal barriers and heat dispersion.

Characteristics of Nano Compounds:

  • Spherical shape less than 10NM (3-4) in diameter.
  • Eco friendly material (carbon).
  • Higher thermal conductivity.
  • High-load carrying capacity and wear resistance.
  • Increased film strength and heat transfer.
  • Reduced emissions correlates to film strength and ring sealing.
  • Increased horsepower.
  • Enhanced lubricant performance.
  • Enhanced dispersion with less precipitation.

Advantages of Nanotechnology:

Engine oils treated with Hot Shot’s Secret nano-based additives improves adhesion to the metal surfaces in the engine cylinder that form a more effective tribolayer for less abrasion and friction between metal parts.

LSI nano carbons improve thermal conductivity and dispersion for reduced heat throughout the engine’s oil wetted parts.

Nano carbons act as antioxidants, reduce oil breakdown and maintain higher viscosity of the engine oil.

  • Reduces cylinder wall friction by applying a thicker nano-based oil film adhesive between the block and the piston ring.
  • Increases the seal between ring and cylinder for improved dynamic compression and combustion.
  • Improved ring seal reduces blow-by and hazardous emission particulates.
  • Increases thermal conductivity, reducing operational temperatures by absorbing and properly dispersing friction-based heat inside the engine.
  • Prevents oil breakdown cycles for extended oil life and viscosity.
  • Improves engine power, torque, horsepower and fuel efficiency.
  • Provides cleaner exhaust.

To take advantage of Hot Shot’s Secret nanotechnology, save money, improve your mileage, reduce emissions and extend the life of your own vehicle, contact your local dealer or place your order online today!