Is Your Engine Hard to Start?

December 1, 2023

When you’re rushing out the door on your way to work, the last thing you need is a truck that doesn’t want to start. Several issues could cause you to have trouble starting your truck after it’s been sitting overnight, for a few days or even a couple of hours. Low fuel pressure is one of the most common reasons a truck takes a while to start. 

Keep reading to learn about various factors that can lead to low fuel pressure and cause your car to have difficulty firing up. 


Fuel Line Leak

If your truck takes a while to start, you may be dealing with a leak in your fuel line. Fuel lines, or hoses, transport the fuel from the gas tank to the engine and are usually made of rubber. Over time, these hoses can dry out, crack and deteriorate, causing leaks that decrease the overall pressure in the fuel system. 

If you have a fuel line leak, your vehvehicle may experience hard starts, engine misfires and regular stalls. Check underneath your vehicle for any noticeable puddles and stay on the lookout for any odd fuel smells. 


Clogged Filter

Your engine requires high-quality, clean fuel to operate correctly. A fuel filter ensures your system receives this fuel by using filtration papers to collect contaminants like dirt, rust and paint. In diesel the asphaltenes, naturally found in the fuel can drop out of solution, collect in the filter. When the filter removes these particulates from the fuel, they sit within the paper with nowhere else to go. 

Over time, the debris and sediments collected in the filter can build up and create a blockage within the device. This clog can create low fuel pressure, throwing off the balance of the air and fuel mixture and causing it to run lean. When this happens, you’ll notice trouble with your engine, including an inability to start it, rough idling, increased misfiring and reduced power. 


Contaminated Fuel

Fuel can become contaminated in many different ways. Dirt, rust and other debris may slip through your filter, air can sneak in during a filter replacement, or you can purchase a bad batch of fuel from the fuel station. Also, if you’ve let your fuel sit long enough, it can become stale or start to grow algae or other types of bacteria. This contamination can cause many problems, such as damaging your engine, clogging your filters, reducing power and making your car slow to start. 

If you want to know if your fuel is contaminated, you can put some of it into a clear container and check for the following: 

  • Floating particles 
  • Water separation
  • Algae growth
  • Unusual color


Bad Fuel Injectors

Your vehicle’s fuel injectors work closely with the fuel pump and filter to create the perfect mixture of fuel and air. Specifically, the injector’s role is to manage the amount, angle and timing of fuel entering the combustion chamber. Bad fuel injectors will alter the air and fuel mixture ratio and change the injection trajectory, ultimately disrupting the ignition process. 

While the fuel filter is designed to remove all debris, some may still pass through and lodge themselves within the injectors. The combustion process also causes deposits to form around the injector. When these parts become dirty, they will restrict fuel flow into the engine and create low fuel pressure. Whether your injectors are dirty or faulty, they can cause your car to experience a hard start, misfires, inefficient fuel economy and rough idling. 


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