Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel: Why it’s so Good

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel: Why it’s so Good
December 23, 2021

Whoever called it the most wonderful time of the year needs to reevaluate themselves. Winter is dark, cold, and a pain in the butt to get anything done. Unless you plow snow for a living, you probably can’t wait for winter to be over. Winter is not only hard on you and your body, it’s also hard on your vehicle! Diesel fuel begins to gel right at 32° F, so even if you live in an area where the winters aren’t so bad, if it’s going to get below freezing then you’ll need to add some sort of fuel additive. Well there’s a lot of fuel additives out there so how do you know which one is the best for you? Can you just use a normal fuel additive anyway? What risks are you running by not using a Winter specific fuel additive?

You’re probably asking yourself, do I really need to use a fuel additive this winter? What’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that your fuel filter could get plugged by the gelled up fuel, resulting in you being stranded on the side of the road in the freezing cold. Diesel fuel begins to gel up at 32° F, meaning if your vehicle has been sitting out over a cold night or weekend, there’s a chance you might not be going anywhere far because you simply won’t be able to. That’s why adding a product like Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is so important. Adding the appropriate amount of Diesel Winter Anti-Gel will prevent your fuel system from gelling up, increase fuel economy, and lubricate the fuel system, all while improving cold starts and protecting your entire fuel system this winter.

This product has been tested over and over again by third parties and the results never cease to amaze. An in-depth study performed by YouTuber “Project Farm” put five of the industry’s top Diesel Winter additives to the test in a head to head face off testing each of the products ability to withstand cold temperatures. There is plenty to be learned by watching the video for yourself, not to mention it’s pretty cool to see how each of these tests are done. To summarize what Project Farm concluded here is that most of the additives tested performed better in one area than each of the others. Only Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel excelled in all of the tests and came out on top as Project Farms additive of choice for Winter protection.

You are probably thinking that a product that really does do all it claims has to cost more than its actually worth. However, because of it’s extremely concentrated formula, Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel has an extremely competitive cost per treatment that actually pays for itself in the added fuel economy. At a treatment rate of just 4oz per 31 gallons of fuel, it only costs about $3.60 to treat your pickup with this incredible formula. And with today’s price of fuel, it doesn’t take much of an efficiency increase to pay that back! Less than $4.00 a treatment is a small price to pay to ensure you don’t miss a shipment, get stuck on the side of the road, or can’t make it to work because your truck won’t start this winter.