Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring
May 13, 2022

Every year men and women across the country commence on the first nice day of spring for a little “spring cleaning”, a day that can’t seem to come soon enough for us here in the Midwest. It’s always nice when you finally take down the storm windows, clean out the garage, and maybe even set some patio furniture out You’ll sharpen your mower blades, hang up the snow shovel, and get the snowblower ready for storage. The house is deep cleaned and coats and other winter clothes are tucked away. While those are all important, you shouldn’t forget about your vehicle!

First, the easy stuff. Take your vehicle to the car wash! Wash it down well to get all the salt from winter off and prevent any rust and corrosion, make sure you get the undercarriage package to clean the salt off from under your vehicle. Next, sweep out the inside, throw away the fast food receipts and extra napkins in the glovebox, you really don’t need that many. If you’re confident the worst of winter is over you can downsize your emergency kit to take some winter items out of it. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a special set of winter tires. It’s safe to say you won’t be needing those now either.

Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness of your vehicle, it’s time to clean up the engine. Winter can be rough on oil causing its viscosity to change as the temperature changes. It’s good practice to change your oil with the onset of winter and again once spring rolls around. Next time you change your oil be sure to add Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator. lhis highly engineered additive will clean the oil side of your engine and remove power-robbing stiction that has built up over the winter. It will also add a powerful lubricity enhancer to the oil, which isn’t something you will find in other additives capable of such a deep cleaning. Next, add Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme to a fresh tank of fuel. This will remove combustion chamber and intake valve deposits, as well as clean injectors, valves, pumps, rings and pistons. Gasoline Extreme also lubricates key components in the fuel system, including upper cylinders, while restoring fuel economy, power and performance. Who wouldn’t want an increase of almost 8% in fuel efficiency on that long haul across the country? Think of this as the vehicle’s dentist treatment Something you do to really clean your vehicle up twice a year, or about every 6,000 to 10,000 miles.

By cleaning up both the oil and fuel systems, you are allowing the engine to operate as intended and to its full potential. You’re also adding to the overall life of your vehicle. So get that snowblower stowed away and toss the winter clothes to the side. It’s time for some long awaited time spent out in your garage.