Diesel Motorsports Fun Facts

May 1, 2019

Back half – (drag racing)
Referring to distance from the 1/8-mile mark to the 1/4 mark of the track.

Bleach box – (drag racing)
Area where bleach is deposited for cars to perform burnouts. Gasoline (since discontinued for safety reasons), water, and TrackBite are also used. Most organizations only permit water. This is done at the start of most drag races.

Christmas tree
Also called the Tree, the electronic starting device between the lanes on the starting line.

Deep staging
When a dragster pulls so far forward that they leave the pre-stage area and turn off the pre-stage lights on the Christmas Tree, but not far enough to leave the staged area. This is legal in drag racing. This may give the driver a few inch advantage, unless the other driver deep stages too.

Dial-in – (drag racing)
When bracket racing, drivers must estimate or “dial in” the time in which they expect to run. Therefore, two unmatched cars in weight and power can compete, by a handicap system. If one runs a faster time than dialed in, it is a breakout.

Drag racing term used to group vehicles, usually sedan bodied, that still have functional doors for driver access to the vehicle, as opposed to Funny cars which have a single lightweight outer body draped over the racing chassis.

Drivers’ meeting
A meeting where drivers and officials meet before a race to discuss the upcoming event. Also referred to as Drivers’ briefing or Driver and Crew Chief meeting, as in some series, the driver and his crew chief must attend.

Elapsed Time. A term used in drag racing about the total time the run took, from start, to finish. E.T. Slip – (drag racing) Slip of paper turned in by the race timer which denotes elapsed time for both drivers, and who won the race; it may also include reaction time and “60 foot” time. This is an official document, used for timekeeping. Also known as a timeslip.

Lit the tires – (drag racing)
Lost traction, producing smoke.

Blew the tires off
Lost traction, tires spun

Meth – (drag racing)
Refers to methanol injection used in conjunction with racing fuel

Oil down
When a race car deposits oil from the engine onto the racing surface, causing a delay.

Sixty-foot time
The time it takes a vehicle to cover the first sixty feet of the racetrack. it is the most accurate measure of the launch from the starting line and is the interval most critical to a quick e.t.

A racer whose reaction time is significantly slower than an opponent’s is said to have been Tree’d.


Originally published in LSI Magazine – Issue 109 – Spring 2019