Blue Diamond PAO Oil

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Blue Diamond PAO Oil

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  • 100% SATISFACTION or your money back
  • GUARANTEED not to void your manufacturer’s warranty



Infused with FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology

  • 1 GAL 15W40 CK4
  • 1 GAL 5W40 CK4

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Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond PAO Oil offers:

  • Improves fuel economy up to 3%
  • Lowers oil consumption
  • Handles soot 46% better than CJ-4
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces wear 71% less over CJ4
  • Eases starting
  • Improves power
  • Preserves fuel injectors as well as turbo and engine
  • Widens operating temperature range
  • Provides high RPM “turbo” quality
  • Extends oil change interval
  • Extends engine life

The oil can be run 50,000–100,000 miles, as long as the oil is kept clean and monitored every 10K miles for TBN number

A true PAO oil stands in a category of its own above all other synthetic formulas. Hot Shot’s Secret 5W40 and 15W40 CK4 specification are 100% pure synthetic using only Group IV and Group V base oils.

The 5W40 and 15W40 PAO CK4 are a blend of poly-ë±-olefin (PAO) and polyolester (POE) oils that requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet the weight specifications. This allows the Hot Shot PAO oil to be loaded with more longevity and performance additives, keeping the oil cleaner longer and providing better mileage and horsepower.

The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano-Technology and CK-4 additive package provides unsurpassed levels of longevity and performance.

Blue Diamond oil is recommended for most diesel engines. The CK-4 specification is backwards compatibles with the CJ-4 and the CI4 Plus. In addition to the CK-4 specification, Blue Diamond PAO Oil meets the requirements from Ford for added wear protection as stated in Ford Specification WSS-M2C171-F1 (not all CK4 specifications meet both the CK4 and the Ford spec).

Caterpillar ECF-1, ECF-2 and ECF-3
Detroit Diesel DDC03K218, DDC93K222
Cummins CES 200081, CES 20086
Mack EO-O Premium Plus, EOS-4.5
API CK4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus
Ford WSS-M2C171-F1
Volvo VDS-4, VDS-4.5
ACEA E7 12, E9-12
MB 228.31
MAN 3575
Renault VI RLD-3, RLD-4



No other diesel oil or fuel additive has a better guarantee than Hot Shot’s Secret products. If our products do not deliver as promised, then we will give you your money back. End of story.

5W 40 PAO CK4 Tech. Data
15W 40 PAO CK4 Tech. Data

15W 40 PAO CK4 SDS

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  1. George O'Meara

    5 out of 5 2002 Hyundai Elantra 260,000 miles

    George O’Meara (verified owner)

    I used the 5w-40 Blue Diamond along with the stiction eliminator and gas fuel treatment in my 260;000 mile Hyundai Elantra. Took it on a 3600 mile trip and averaged 42.7 mpg. The best this car has ever done before is 30 mpg in the 230.000 miles I’ve driven it. The engine runs quieter, smother and has more power. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking for a better oil at a comparative price. In the past I have used Chevron Delo 400 15w-40; Mobil Delvac 1300 15w-40 and Mobil 1 5w-30 in this engine. There is no comparison Blue Diamond is superior!

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  2. Gary

    2014 Ram 3500 6.7


    Quick question, I tow a 21,000LB 5th wheel and have approx 118,000 miles on the truck. I don’t drive the truck unless its hooked up to the 5th wheel. Is the Blue Diamond verses the Green Diamond a better application for my situation. Also I currently use Rotela T6, what are the advantages and benefits of switching to Blue Diamond? ……..Thanks in advance….Gary,

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  3. hsusmc

    4 out of 5 PAO 15-40

    hsusmc (verified owner)

    This will be the first review and more to come on a New 2018 2500 Cummins, I sent oil analysis on the first 1,800 miles on engine as a base line. I have also installed an oil bypass, my next oil analysis will be at 7k. So far I_

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  4. isaacfeathers142

    5 out of 5 2003 Cummins 3500

    isaacfeathers142 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazed with the performance of the oil and all the additives in the oil. Used with stiction illuminator could not believe How fast I could immediately tell a difference. Never knew how gummed up the truck must_

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  5. bigbair45

    5 out of 5 2009 LMM Duramax

    bigbair45 (verified owner)

    I bought my 2009 Duramax used with 160,000 miles on it. I was unsure of what oil was used by the previous owner. So I switched it to Blue Diamond 15w-40 since my truck still has its EGR system intact. At the time of the oil change I also did a Stiction Eliminator initial clean out dosage for 11 quatrs. My Duramax has been converted to run a CAT 1R-1807 oil filter which increases oil capacity.Since swapping to Blue Diamond 15w-40 infused with FR3, and a clean out dosage of Stiction Eliminator infused with FR3. My Duramax is running like a brand new truck!I must also say that I also have a done a dose of Diesel Extreme and run EDT with a CAT 1R-0750 fuel filter. I am now consistently averaging 20-23 MPG on the highway just depending on how spirited I drive.My next plans are to do the Allison 1000, transfer case, and both front & rear differentials.So far so good, my vehicles will always run Hotshot’s! I can’t wait for gasser oil so I can swap all of my vehicles to Hotshot’s & leave Amsoil in the review mirror. Thanks again Hotshot’s for an incredible 100% backed by science true products!

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