Trey Vs. The World

November 6, 2018

You may have heard of Trey Sikes, 2-time champion diesel drag racer, in the last issue of LSI Innovation Magazine: an unassuming BMW diesel sedan in a sea of lifted pickup trucks. Now, it is a new year, new look and new records on the horizon for the 2009 335D.

The car has custom hybrid twin-turbos, methanol injection and proprietary tuning. This combination gives it daily-drivability, but also the potential for breaking records. Which is exactly what Trey did. Last fall, with the help of an extremely aggressive dose of EDT EVERYDAY DIESEL TREATMENT, Mr. Sikes broke the North American record for the BMW 335D M57 platform. The next step? The WORLD record.

After this feat, the car was overdue for a new wrap, and a Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment theme became obvious. The loud carbon/yellow design debuted at the first Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) event of the season, with overwhelming love from media and fans.

Trey continues to commute ~50 miles a day, plus races in the 7.70 index class of ODSS and NHRDA, nationwide. Not only this, but any drag racing event in his home state of North Carolina is fair game. Two class wins early in 2018 prove that the car is not only quick, but consistent. Now, the race is on for the world record; stay “tuned” …

What makes the BMW 335d so special? Andrew Barnes, moderator of Facebook group North American BMW Diesel Owners, explains: “There were only 11,000 335d sold in the United States, which makes the following pretty small and almost cult-like. We have expanded to 1800 members total in a year. Everyone wants to see the platform pushed forward in every way possible, which is why a car with such a limited production run has a large aftermarket.”

Originally published in LSI Innovation Magazine – Issue 108